Category: Forestry & Wood Industry

HUNGAROBINIA = play on words: overlapping words HUNGARO and ROBINIA. The goal of this site is to introduce Robinia as a wood species and products made of and locating in Hungary companies made and traded by. About the Robinia – Names, Geographic distribution, Morphological characteristics, Macroscopic characteristics, Microscopic characteristics, Defects, damages, durability, Physical properties, Mechanical properties, Chemical properties, Assortments, Workability, Utilisation. About the products – Furniture, parts for furniture, Parquet, Barrel, Tub, Kitchen articles, Glued solidwood panel, stair-board, scantling, Veneer, Plywood, Fence parts, Landscaping, Playground equipments, Sawnwood, friezes, slats, Vineprop and -stik, pole, stake, Log, Firewood.

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