Category: Trade

ANTRA-MARK Ltd. has been dealing with the commerce of shop and showroom accessories since 1996. The major part of shop accessories are for commercial marking. Here belong the pricing and labeller guns as well as self-adhesive labels for pricing, for bar coding and for other information. Price tags, information holders, products for in-store communication and other retail merchandising tools can be found the our product range. The label service is at your disposal continuously: printing bar codes and texts on self-adhesive labels. The major part of the showroom accessories are leaflet dispensers / brochure holders and print holders: counterstanding, wall-mounted and floorstanding holders with one or more pockets for prints of different size. Here belong the acrylic products and metal stands for different purposes. These products are intended for customer and client information, in shops, customer services, showrooms and exhibitions as well as in hosting facilities like restaurants, hotels, etc.

Horoszcoop Foreign Trading Representation Ltd. was established in January 1989 distributing mainly industrial equipment, gardening and forestry machines and supply spare parts to these products and service. For better coverage of the country Horoszcoop operates 3 branch offices: Budapest, Hódmezővásárhely and Tiszaújváros. During the last years the Company established affiliated companies in the neighbouring countries: Romania (Cluj-Napoca) – S.C. Motor Force Impex SRL, (1997) Slovenia (Ljubljana) – Horoszcoop d.o.o, (1999) Serbia (Zenta) – Horoszcoop d.o.o. (2000)