Category: Construcion & Infrastructure

Land surveying with 20 year experience from Bacsi Ltd. Our land surveyor team provides a full scale of land surveying with land surveys, monitoring deformation, calculating area and volume applying modern total workstations and up-to-date softwares in engineering. Our dedicated team has an excellent knowledge ensuring reliable, fast and precise work. We are available throughout Europe.

Rutin Ltd. deals with the execution of complete construction manufacturing (design, fabrication, assembly, turn-key delivery) was founded in 1990 in Dombóvár (South-West of Hungary). The company’s main profile is realization of light-construction buildings. Rutin Ltd. produces steel structures by using 3 types of it proprietary fabricated steel structures: RUTIN EURO, RUITN TRUSS, RUTIN METAL moreover upon request the company also undertakes the realisation of INDIVIDUAL, non-serial structures. The steel structures are appropriate for constructing buildings for industrial, agricultural, storage, educational, and other usage; also for chemical-, cement industrial- and energetic investments; technological towers or conveyors.

Andras Schleicher – studied interior architecture at the Academie Minerva in Groningen, the Netherlands. Specialized in architectural visualization, interior visualisation and 3d renderings. Work and lives in Budapest, Hungary.

The Hungarian Water Utility Association is a unique organisation in Hungary in the field of water utility industry, representing the interests of the water utilities and motivating development: Representation and harmonization of interests, maintaining relations with national and foreign organizations, with ministries, municipalities, with parliamentary, scientific and social committees, associations and with chambers. Information circulation, technical, economic and administrative trainings, publications, conferences and program organization. Spreading advanced technologies and methods, cooperation with water industry and trade companies, as well as with local authorities and social organizations.