Category: Casting & Model Agencies

Karakter Casting was established in 2004. Its mission was to find characteristic, interesting, exotic, special faces for advertising and film productions in Hungary and abroad. They are persistently building and updating our actor/actress database so the chances of finding the perfect character for an ad keeps growing. They can provide hundreds of features, walk-ons, children, students, hostesses as well.

RiverCast model agency The RiverCast Model Agency is Hungary’s largest model agency (based on annual revenues). The agency provides actors and actresses for TV ads, movie productions, models for fashin shows, photo shots, host and hostesses for actual events like exhibitions, press briefings and more. It’s easy to find all kinds of girls and boys for any of today’s tipical model needs in our large, 4000+ people database. From young children to old people, professional models and talented, beautyful beginners – including those with language knowledge – are all part of the Agency’s resources.

Art Models was established in 2001 with the idea of offering professional services to future partners and to collect the high fashion models in Hungary.

Mediating models with international experience for your company for magazin, covers, inner and fashion pages, for fashion sows, for advertisements, billboards, for calalogs. Mediating, organizin, casting hostess and host for exhibitions, parties, functions and fairs.

ContactModels is a new modelling, hostess, and acting agency established to satisfy the needs of advertising and fashion agencies, event organizing and promotion companies, exploiting the opportunities offered by the Internet to a maximum. An interactive mediating, searching and information system created by ContactModells makes it easier, quicker, cheaper and more efficient for users in search of different characters for various purposes and people in our data basis to contact each other. On the homepage you can choose the character or person you need from among several hundreds of models, film extras and hostesses with the help of over 20 search categories. At present the database contains 200 models, and the same number of registered actors, actresses and film extras. However, this number will soon reach several thousand. The data basis for dubbing artists and dancers is also to be filled soon.

Open Casting Ltd. is specialized in building connections between actors, actresses, amateur, professional and top models, children, hosts an hostesses, artistes, dancers and a different pets, and a wide range of customers. The Agency’s database of thousands of people is continuously being refreshed week by week. Open Casting Ltd. is considered as one of the leading agencies in Hungary, also appearing in a number cities worldwide, thanks to Hungarian and international customers and the actors, actresses and models registered in their records.

Women, men, stylist, make-up artist, hairdresser, become a model.