Category: Garment Manufacturers

SamTex Kft. has been supplying working clothes and bed clothes for the public health sector for over 14 years now. Seventy percent of the hospitals in Hungary are regular clients of the company. Besides them a great number of pharmacies, nurseries, private praxes, dental surgeries, and workers of kitchens use these clothes constantly. Besides working clothes used in public health with the STX trademark there is also a more colourful and more energetic young collection, which is primarily offered to those women and men working in the fields of beauty sector, catering, hotel trade and wellness. Products include: tunics for women, mantles and overcoats for men and women, trousers for men and women, T-shirts for men and women, aprons, cook garments, bed clothes, surgery garments and textiles, protective footwear, clogs, slippers, sandals. The site is also available in Russian language.