Category: Chambers of Commerce

The CCCH was originally founded in January 1992 as the Canadian-Hungarian Business Club/Club D’Affaires Canado-Hongrois, dedicated to promoting closer ties between Canada and Hungary. The club decided to charter as the CCCH in the spring of 1993 with a mandate to provide a forum of knowledge and expertise, a business network, as well as a vehicle of social contact. Chamber members include multi-national corporations, the majority of which are headquartered in Canada or Hungary; entrepreneurs from a wide variety of areas such as banking, real estate, brokering, law, commerce, trade, education, hospitality/tourism, heavy industry, construction, agriculture, consulting, the arts; as well as many individual members in various professions. The CCCH hosts a variety of events every year, providing its members with an excellent opportunity to expand their business skills and contacts, and strengthen their company profiles within the Canadian and Hungarian business community.

The general purpose of the Chamber is to promote and contribute to the development of trade and business relations and business related initiatives and activities between the Republic of Hungary and Sweden and to support the business interests of its members. Their task is to support mutual co-operation and friendship between Hungary and Sweden, to encourage trade investments and economic developments and to help their member’s monitor, understand and influence events within the Hungarian business community. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary is a forum for the establishment and development of professional and social contacts between its members, both companies and individuals.

The primary objective of the Chamber is to foster trade and investment flows between the UK and Hungary and in doing so to provide business benefits to the members: currencies Business partners’ searches, market research for both Hungarian and foreign people, Direct Mail Services, Staff Recruitment, Business contacts, Organising of Marketing/Introductory Events, Information and advice, Advertising

The mission of AmCham Hungary is “to be the leading representative for US and international business in Hungary, and to promote the global competitiveness of the country.” The American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary (AmCham Hungary) was established in November of 1989, as the very first AmCham in Central Europe, by 32 American companies. Today, AmCham Hungary has grown to become the largest AmCham in Central Europe with approximately 600 members, representing 22 different countries, over 60% of total foreign direct investment in Hungary and over 50% of Hungary’s annual total export.

It is the Chamber’s mission to foster – on the basis of the Chamber Acts, other statutory provisions, and its Statutes and primarily relying on and with the involvement of its own members – the development and organisation of the economy, the safety of business transactions and fair market practices, the manifesting of the general and joint interests of those carrying out business activities, and to further the co-ordination of domestic and international chambers with regard to European integration.

Their mission is to promote and facilitate economic ties between Hungary and the Netherlands, and to provide a platform for the exchange of views and experiences between Dutch and Hungarian companies. To this end, they organise events such as workshops, seminars, and symposia devoted to issues of interest to the business community, and host leading policy makers at business lunch meetings. In addition to the events they also issue publications keeping their members and partners up-to-date on economic developments, legislative information, and the introduction of new members.