Category: Electronics & Electrical

ShopGuard Systems Limited was established in 1992. Since that time the company has been manufacturing, selling and installing EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) systems and accessories worldwide. Shopguard’s EAS equipment is designed and manufactured by the compyny: RF (Radio Frequency) Systems, hard and soft Tags, People Counters, Safer cases (branded as LOXYS) and Cable (Loop) Alarm Systems, branded as OCTOPUS. Shopguard has affiliated companies in Austria, Finland, Germany, Italy, Poland, UK and Canada, and distributors in most other countries of the world. There are to date more than 20,000 retail stores worldwide in more than 40 countries equipped with EAS systems and/or accessories installed by the company and/or its partners. Shopguard has some 50 employees at Head Office in Budapest, 10 of which are dedicated members of the R&D team, providing state-of-the-art technological solutions for protecting the retail industry from theft.

NIVELCO PROCESS CONTROL COMPANY is one of the most rapidly developing, manufacturing and marketing process control companies in the world market. NIVELCO was founded in 1982 by Tamás Szőllős, the president of the company, continuing the traditions rooted in the family venture established by Endre Szőllős in 1939. Today, Nivelco is one of the dominant European Level Companies also offering a selection of pressure and temperature transmitters as well as general purpose controllers. Nivelco is represented by more than 100 distributors all over the world, and by foreign affiliates in Poland, Czech republic, Romania and Russia. The site is also available in Chinese, Russian, Czech, Polish and Romanian languages.