Category: Heavy Industry

The essential endeavor of MCSZ is the improvement of the position of the Hungarian cement industry, the enhancement of confidence in cement products and concrete structures. In the course of these efforts the Association establishes extended, partnership-based professional cooperation with legislators, NGOs and international institutions. The Hungarian Cement Association provides a professional forum for expressing opinions on draft Acts, first of all in issues concerning environment protection, active quality policy and manufacturers’ competitiveness.

The Hungarian Petroleum Association is the proffessional trade society of the domestic and international oil industry, trading and service companies operating in Hungary. The member companies of the Association are equally committed towards their customers, the environment and the other players on the market.

Auras 2000 Ltd has been founded in 1999. By this time, Auras Ltd represented Lafarge Refractories which acquired the former Fleischmann-Linco-Basalt companies. With the representation of STYROKERAM, Richard Anton KG and Schunk Ingenieurkeramik GmbH the scope has grown continuously. LAFARGE has been acquired by IMERYS in 2004 and in 2005 they founded CALDERYS. Auras 2000 Ltd continues the 10-years-cooperation with CALDERYS also, but the former exclusive representation has been changed into independent retailer relationship.

The Hungarian Oil & Gas Company Plc (MOL Rt.) was founded in 1991, and that alone represents a milestone in the history of the Hungarian petroleum industry. It is not only a company that embraces the entire Hungarian petroleum industry, but one that has grown into one of the largest multinational corporations in Central Europe.