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T-ROCK, as the manufacturer of climbing walls and climbing-holds, was established by rock-climber László Tihanyi. T-Rock’s profession is to manufacture holds used for climbing and to improve skills, working with a team of constructors. At present they offer more than 100 different, uniquely designed and manufactured models.

Energy performance certificate, renewable energy sources, energy advice with 20 year experience in engineering. Bacsi Ltd provides full service in energy factor in Budapest, Hungary. Our members have the highest certificate in energy performance. We insisted on high quality, reliability and quick work. Our team are dedicated for our partners. We have excellent references throughout Hungary.

Das ist schon das 21. Jahrhunder! Wir haben es herausgefunden, auf alle Einzelheiten aufgepasst und für Sie hergestellt. Elegantes äußere, moderne Materialen, Matratze von EU-Qualität, elektrisch verstellbare Kopfteil, ins Bettgestell eingebaute digitale Elektronik, mit der Sie die Beleuchtung des Schlafzimmer, das Fernsehen, das Radio, eine Laser-projizierte Uhr, den Vorhang und das Rollo verstellen können. Wir haben Anschlüsse, USB-Anschlüsse und ein Tonsystem von hoher Qualität eingebaut. Das DreamPlus Multi-Funktions-Bett ist das Möbel, das aus Ihrem Schlafzimmer noch fehlt. Erkennen Sie unser Produkt, bringen Sie heim, damit Sie an einem neuen Traum mitbeteiligt werden.

This ist the 21-th century! We had a dream that we made come true for your pleasure with considering even the smallest details. Elegant outlook, up-to-date materials, EU quality mattresses, electric headrest actuation, digital electronics built into the bed which you can handle the bedroom lights, the TV, the radio, the laser projected clock, the drapes or the blinds with. We also built in sockets, USB ports and a high quality audio system. The multifunctional DreamPlus bed is the piece of furniture that is still missing from your bedroom. Get acquainted with it and take it to your home to be a part of a dream.

The agency’s aim is advertising all over the place adult and young models as well as child models. This includes billboards as well as television advertising, and ads promote all types of product, such as clothes, accessories, shoes and more. They work with real people as well as characters and fashion! They have wide range of beautiful child, teen as well as adult models in their database. They are seeking new opportunities worldwide. If you have a modeling project and you need young models for the assignment, then you can find your models at this Modeling Agency.

The Innoadmin Hungary kft offers innovative solutions in the territory of outsourcing, i. e. services that can bring enormous help to the administration of your business. For many of your problems ranging from advertising to manpower outsourcing they can give you effective and favourable solution Their cost-effective and time-saving services can relieve your firm from the tiresome administrative chores. The company’s employees are ready to help you choose the service that suits you best.

The most promising current running projects of the Cluster aim at such innovative areas as functional food products, nutritional supplements, drug combinations, corresponding instrument developments and clinical data management, biostatistics and comprehensive, rigorous quality assurance.

Electrician, wired and wireless alarm system installation, entrance, intelligent fire alarm system, security camera /cctv/, phone, computer ethernet network, electronic safeguarding and security and home and small office carbon monoxide /co/ alarm.

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The page is made to promote the film production services in Hungary. There are many production companies in Hungary are established to serve international productions.