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The website presents Tivadar Pécsi’s collection of minerals with hundreds of photos, which can be seen from worldwide minerals and gems. Tivadar has a large collection of Hungarian agates and opals. To list a few: moss agate, dendrite agate, pseudo agate, precious opal, fire opal, opalized wood…

Unique computerized pumi data base which includes information on origin, health, dog show and working results of nearly 7500 Pumis. Information on old and new Hungarian and foreign kennels and breeding lines. Collection of old and recent documents, essays, studies and stories. Collection of drawings, grahpics, photos and video recordings of Pumis. Professional advice on coat care specific to Pumis.

The objective of is to provide quick, helpful information to field-birders in Hungary. Our aim is to give quality information in hopes of improving field-birding, so anyone anywhere can get up-to-date news about interesting birds.

With its colourful world of horse-breeding farms, village tourism, spas, wines, food specialities and various cultural and ethnographical values, the Danube-Tisza Interfluve region provides great opportunities for tourism. The Kiskunság National Park Management Centre is in charge of an approximate 284,165 acres of protected area. The main objective of the Kiskunság National Park is to preserve and maintain the matchless treasure, and also to show it to anyone interested in a way that satisfies both tourists’ needs and the topmost aim of preservation.

Introduction; prizes; gallery: watercolours, oils, acrylics, drawings; published works: books, posters, magazines, logos, nature trails; field sketches; travel reports.

The Institute is the central surveying and mapping organisation of all official activities in Hungary in the field of land management, surveying and mapping. It is financed by the state budget and has the competence of a national authority. At the beginning the scope of activity of the Institute covered the tasks of organising, managing, supervising the surveying and mapping sector in Hungary, carrying out research and development as well as executing the activities of the state boundary service, of the central surveying data and map library. FÖMI’s range of activity was extended gradually with the tasks of satellite geodesy, remote sensing for utilisation of space imagery and aerial photography in the national economy, computer based central land registration, development of geoinformatics in the sector of lands and mapping and central quality control. FÖMI’s tasks include activities of surveying and cartographic documentation, running the technical library, editing and publishing scientific journals and proceedings.