Category: Photography

Gabor Ancsin provides professional event photography, press photography and commercial photography services in Hungary mostly in Budapest, but he is available in Hungary or even in neighbouring countries.

French photographer living in Budapest since the beginning of the ninties. Publisher of books and a serie of 44 black and white postcards that you can find in museums’ bookstores in Budapest. He just published the third edition of his book of 72 b&w pictures and 42 texts in four languages, Hungarian, German, French and English. On the website site clicking the button “Budapest- Fényrajzok” one can flip all the book from the beginning to the end.

Since Gyula decided to be a professional photographer, he always has been searching for human aspects behind exciting visual world. Taking pictures for example of little Hungarian villages or Turkish bath party he always has been searching for faces, eyes telling history, moments hiding heritage of generations, and was interested in reality reflecting from them. Gyula was an employee of the Hungary’s most influential political daily newspaper, called Népszabadság, fulfilling the daily work which is often based on routine because of lack of time. Nowadays, he is a freelance photographer. He has been working in Gaza, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and covered the Eastern Europe countries.

Zoltán Tuba Budapest based freelancing photographer. Specializes in documentary photography, mainly in Hungary. Works for either Hungarian or second-country assignments. Member of the Association of Hungarian Journalists and the International Federation of Journalists.