Category: Kindergarten & Pre School

Planet Kids is an international preschool and kindergarten, a child and family orientated center located in a beautifully renovated bright, sunny villa. The center strives for Quality not Quantity, for this reason the kindergarten will only accept max. 40 children. The kindergarten is located in district XII. surrounded by the Buda Hills. Planet Kids has a spacious playground and a comfortable gymnasium on the premises. The education is based on creative curriculum – activities like music and craft. ESL is offered for those children whose mother languages are other than English. Special activities, for example swimming, ballet, judo, yoga are also offered. Planet Kids is able to provide special menus at no extra cost for children with diabetes; sugar, gluten or lactose intolerance.

Under the Rainbow is an international pre-school and kindergarten in Budapest 2/A district operated by a foundation registered in Hungary using English as the language of instruction. The kindergarten accepts children from age 2 years to 7 years. The institution also offers a wide range of activities (football, aikido, RSG, music, dance, folk dance, ESL, tennis, horse riding, skiing) which parents and children can choose from.

Kid’s Kiosk an English Pre-nursery and Nursery for 1,5 till 5 years old, located in the beautiful old villa in the 2 district of Budapest. Kid’s Kiosk — Children’s Language-Learning Center is an open-foundation, non-profit educational organization. The goal of this Learning Center is to offer the children the best possibilities to achieve their full academic, intellectual and emotional potential, while promoting and nurturing their individuality and creativity. Kids’ Kiosk offers Morning English Club and Play-Group, Language courses: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Hebrew, Afternoon English and World Language programs. Extra-curricular activities include Arts and Crafts, Ballet, Aikido, Drama and Theater courses.

Eszterlánc Hungarian-English Montessori bi-lingual kindergarten is located in Budapest. In this kindergarten the children will be guided, during working-time and playing-time, by two teachers through the whole day. One of the teachers will work with the children speaking English, the other one speaking Hungarian. This kindergarten might be new but the pedagogical method what they will work with dates back a 150 years. The founder, Maria Montessori, was the first Italian woman to get a diploma as a doctor. She started her career working in a clinic in Rome. It was there where she got interested in the development of small children. She started developing a special technique of working with the children and started to make special materials for them to work with. This was the beginning of a new pedagogical method which later got well known all over the world as the Montessori method.

The English Garden Pre-School is the international kindergarten of Pest . Offering the British Curriculum for children aged two to seven. It provides a safe and caring environment for children of all backgrounds and faiths. Opening hours are from 8 a .m. to 3:30 p.m., with an optional After-School Club until 5 p.m. The Pre-School occupies a large, nineteenth century house and has a beautiful garden. Located in the quiet green quarter of ‘Tisztviselő Telep’ close to the Népliget Park . It is easily accessible by both car and public transport and is just ten minutes from the City Centre. (The site is also available in Romanian and Greek languages.)

The “Winnie the Pooh” nursery and kindergarten is an English-Hungarian institution for children between two and seven years, run by a foundation. The kindergarten is situated in the most beautiful part of Budapest’s, the capital’s 12th district in a spacious detached house. There are two gardens by the house equiped with playground-facilities for the children to play outside in the open air in a safe environment. The bilinguality of the kindergarten has numerous useful aspects. For Hungarian children it provides the chance to learn English at a very young age, which does not only mean a lot of fun for them but also provides a sound foundation for learning foreign language later on. Here children who have both Hungarian and English speaking parents can practise the language of both parents and both traditions are integrated into everyday life activites and the celebration of special occasions and holidays in the kindergarten.

Happy Kids International Kindergarten aims to synthesize the best practices from a range of national educational systems, balanced by its own unique multicultural experience to create a day care and learning environment of excellence for children in the age range 2–7 years.