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The teaching of a language is Hungarian for foreigners in Budapest. I specialize in teaching what is important for everyday conversations and everything else you need to know. Most importantly we will talk a lot, use a lot of pictures, recordings, stimulating exercises and we will test your knowledge in real life situations.

Hungarian teaching at all levels for individuals and companies. Personal and online education. Specialized terminology, conversation for everyday life situations, useful expressions and communicative competence. Well-tried comprehensive education methods to expand your communication ability and composition skills, efficient systematization of the Hungarian grammar. Good video & audio language teaching materials. Further information on lesson fees and other details: or call +36-30-9-777-107. E-mail: or

A reference guide to Hungarian grammar, designed with English-speakers in mind — The objective of this site is to serve as a reference to the beautiful Hungarian language. If is not intended to be a ground-up course, it is not intended to teach you Hungarian. It is meant to be a companion to your own study. This is a reference guide. Think of it as a text book, rather than a novel, in that you will find all the facts but reading it from cover-to-cover might be a little dry. The intended audience is the native English speaker who wishes to teach himself the language with online resources. This site is NOT a ground-up course, but rather teaches discrete units of grammar (it will aim to teach little or no vocabulary). Therefore the audience in intended to be he who wishes to refer to this site on and off during his studies, as an accompaniment to a paper book or to supplement a teacher’s lessons.

HVC works by loosely analyzing words based on Hungarian phonetics, and generating a set of regular verb forms. Then, any specific irregularities are written over the regularly-generated forms to produce the correct output. HVC is not a dictionary, and cannot tell you whether a word is a verb or even Hungarian. It will merely accept any word and generate forms as if it were Hungarian.

The aim of this regularly appearing magazine is to make the learning of Hungarian as enjoyable as possible. The content and the structure of the magazine are a result of careful planning so that it will be possible for every learner to find: authentic and up-to-date texts, communication-centred reports and interviews, useful and interesting information about Hungary, grammar explanations and exercises illustrating the logical structure of the Hungarian language as an additional help to your studies, language games.

Find Hungarian Speakers and Hungarian Language Meetups near you. Want to practice your Hungarian? Meetup with others in your area who are also interested in the Hungarian Language. All ages and levels of proficiency are welcome!

On-line interactive supplementary materials to the textbook “Halló, itt Magyarország!”, which can be used independently too: texts, exercises, a multilingual word list, verb conjugator (all the finite forms of the verbs introduced in the book; presentation and practice), etc. Morfi : Exercises on morphology: verb forms (present tense, past tense, conditional, imperative); the plural of nouns and adjectives; the direct object; adverbial suffixes; etc. Coloraid: Interactive grammar exercises on sentence patterns. Magyar Multitest Multiple choice tests focusing mainly on grammar, but partly on vocabulary, too. Vocabulary games: Presentation and written practice of vocabulary items belonging to various topics with the help of pictures. Numeralia (the realm of numbers): Presentation and written (and oral) practice of the numbers in Hungarian: how to write them in words and in figures.

The aim of the site is to offer an efficient way of the teaching and learning of the Hungarian sign language mainly for able people that are interested in it.The signs are displayed in short, continously repeated video files. This provides an easy way to learn mimics and gestures that are necessary for visual communication. Comments and suggestions can make understanding deafness easier and the site could support its own improvement this way.

New paths to the Hungarian language: Learn Hungarian (Magyaróra) offers original tools for teachers and learners of the Hungarian language. The audio recordings, reading texts and worksheets of can be used both in the classroom and for self-study. The activities and worksheets are organised according to their type and level of difficulty (beginners, intermediate level, advanced level).