Category: Non-governmental Organizations

United Way Hungary operates as the central coordinator for the national United Way network, linking affiliates, managing a national fundraising strategy and providing training throughout the locally-based network. The United Way distributes funds across Hungary through a transparent grants program which supports quality projects in health care, education and social services. Of particular interest this year are programs that help families with chronically ill or disabled children and those that re-train unemployed workers for a new job market. Nonprofit organizations can receive grants through a bidding process, in which an independent, voluntary committee judges their application.

The Hand in Hand Foundation (Kézenfogva Alapítvány) was founded in 1993 with the aim to improve the situation of children and adults with intellectual and multiple disability, their families, their caretakers as well as specialists and NGOs at national level. The Foundation considers as one of their most important tasks to form public opinion. Public appearances of the president, Mrs. Zsuzsa Göncz serve for drawing attention to the needs and problems of our disabled fellowmen and to our responsibility for them. The Foundation contacts possibly every NGO in the country that provide services for people with mental or multiple disabilities supporting them by providing them with information and consultation as well as by organising conferences and other professional programmes for them. The aims of the foundation are: Improving the living condition of children and adults with intellectual and multiple disability, promoting their development, Helping their caretakers and specialists by organizing trainings, Promoting the inclusion of people with intellectual and multiple disability.

ÉFOÉSZ (Hungarian Verein für Menschen mit intellektueler Behinderung) wurde in 1981. begründet um die Pflegeschaft und die Rehabilitierung der Menschen mit intellektueler Behinderung zu representieren. Einer der Hauptziele ist die Vertretung in den Interessen der Menschen mit intellektueler Behinderung und in den Interessen ihren Familien auf Landesebene und auf interantionaler Ebene. Anderseits gehört zu den Zielen der ÉFOÉSZ Organisation die Unterstützung der gleichen Rechten und gleichen Möglichkeieten für Menschen mit intellektueler Behinderung. Wir probieren den Menschen mit intellektueler Behinderung helfen um ein autonomes Leben zu führen. Sie sollen aktive und erkennbare Staatsangehörigen der Gesellschaft sein.

Hungarian Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability (ÉFOÉSZ) was established 25 years ago (Hungarian Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability) as an umbrella body for organizations concerned with the care and rehabilitation of people with intellectual disability in Hungary. One of the main goal of ÉFOÉSZ is to represent the interests of the people living with intellectual disability and their families in national level and also in international organizations such as EDF, Inclusion Europe, Inclusion International. On the other hand, ÉFOÉSZ’s objective is to support persons with intellectual disability in the field of having equal rights, equal opportunities and leading a life without having to rely on others, while actively participating in social life as visible citizens.

Many elderly people suffer from a new situation brought on by retirement and the psychological and physical burdens of inactivity. They ought to find a new community and sensible new goals. Our call centre offers assistance and ideas to facilitate this. Besides the elderly, their younger relatives are also at a loss as to how they can help. Careful listening, understanding and sharing their concerns may ease their uncertainties.

Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU) is a non-profit human rights watchdog NGO established in Budapest, Hungary at 1994. HCLU is a law reform and legal defence public interest NGO in Hungary, working independently of political parties, the state or any if its institutions. HCLU’s aim is to promote the case of fundamental rights and principles laid down by the Constitution of the Republic of Hungary and by international conventions. Generally it has the goal of building and strengthening the civil society and rule of law in Hungary and the CEE region.

The mission of the Nonprofit Information and Training Center Foundation is to strengthen civil society in Hungary by providing capacity building services to the non-governmental organizations and by building an environment supportive of the long-term future of NGOs.