Category: Space Research

The HAS (Hungarian Astronautical Society, MANT in Hungarian) is a civil organization founded in the eighties that works as a member of MTESZ (Association of Technical and Scientific Societies). Activities: Gathering Hungarian space researchers, everyday users of space technology and everyone who is interested in the interdisciplinary and state-of-the-art uses of outer space; Recruiting people for space research and engineering; Using space research and applications to educate about physics, astronomy, (space and airflight) medicine, biology, (space) law, flight technology, meteorology, material sciences – showing them in new perspective, in a way that is missing from the school curriculums; Developing the independent and team working skills and creativity of students by organizing essay competitions, group competitions and summer space camps; Helping the scientific and technological education of Hungarians in other countries.

The Hungarian Space Office (HSO) manages, co-ordinates and represents the Hungarian space activities. The Hungarian Space Board (HSB), headed by the state of secretary, helps the work of the Minister, responsible for space affairs. The members of the Hungarian Space Board are delegated by Ministries and Government Offices interested in space activities, complemented by outstanding experts from different fields of space research.