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Founded in November 2006, the association has the following aims: to organise cricket training and matches with Hungarian and expat players in Hungary, to introduce cricket into schools and universities, either as an extra activity or as part of the PE lessons, and form a national student league, to form a national cricket organisation, to play matches against other countries with a recognised national team to represent Hungary according to the ICC regulations, to join the International Cricket Council as an Affiliate Member.

Conditions were right for founding the Hungarian Golf Association by 1989. The Association inmediately became a member of the European Golf Association and the World Amateur Golf Council (now the International Golf Association). Further golf courses were opened in Hungary by Birdland Golf & Country Club in Bükfürdő in 1991; by St. Lorence Golf & Country Club in Szentlőrinc in 1992; by Hencse National Golf & Country Club in Hencse in 1994. The latter houses the European Lakes Golf & Country Club, today. It was at this time that the Kisoroszi course was extended to 18 holes. 1997 saw the opening of the Alcsútdoboz-Máriavolgy golf course for Pannonia Golf & Country Club players. The 6th golf course, opened in September 1998, was laid out on the site of the former Tata Zoo and houses Old Lake Golf CIub members. The hitherto suspended Hungarian Golf CIub was reformed in 1951. The Pólus Palace Golf Club course at Göd was opened at the end of 2002. The 7th 18-hole golf course in Hungary was the first to be built on the banks of the Danube.

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