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On 16th June 1885, the founders of the club appointed the leading policy of UTE with a triple watchword: „Unity, Soundness, Union”. Újpest FC is the football team of the oldest sports club, which has been existing without a brake. At first, it was only gymnastics, then came fencing and athletics to the profile of the Újpesti Torna Egylet. Football started in Újpest in 1899. The best championship series was reached by Újpest (under the name Újpesti Dózsa) was from 1967 to 19880. During these 14 seasons, Újpest won 9 championship gold, became runners up for 4 times, and 1 time won bronze medal. It meant a significant change in the history of the club, when in 1999, the professional football team was no longer a division on the club, UTE, but became a separate business association. The club gave many world wide famous football players to the world of football. Let us present you some of them: the Fogl brothers, Zsengellér, Szusza, Göröcs, Bene, Fazaekas, Törőcsik.

Official home page of the Hungarian Football Federation provides news about Hungarian football in English.

The company has been operating as the Hungarian representative of the renowned sports management company Stars & Friends since the beginning of 2006, making possible wider international contacts all over the world. Stars & Friends has representation in Europe and in many countries around the globe: in Germany, Austria, Turkey, Norway, Czech Republic and Slovakia, among others. The agency’s priority is a full-scale representation of players and clubs, helping them to get contracts abroad, and acting for their interests before and after signing a contract, too. At the beginning our activity was to promote amateur and professional football players. The core business was expanded with handball in 2005, in which Hungary has a high-ranking position.