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The website is focused on creating databases and making available information to the public for genealogy research. The features the Hungarian Marriage Project, with 20,000+ marriages to date in the database. It also has several other databases and a surname database, where people can submit the surnames that they are researching.

Genealogy service for everyone who has Hungarian, Slovakian roots. Constructing a family tree made on the basis of state and church registers.

The FORUM and WEB Archive of Hungarian Genealogy has been established to present you with a digital databases when researching in the field of genealogy aimed at greater Hungary. This d.d. will help you, and ease both home and international research by fast and wide-ranging Internet ties.

JewishGen’s Hungarian Special Interest Group (H-SIG) is for those with Jewish roots in the area known as “Greater Hungary” or pre-Trianon Hungary and covers all those areas that were once predominantly Hungarian-speaking. This includes all of present-day Hungary and Slovakia and territory now within Romania, the Ukraine, Austria (including present-day Burgenland), Croatia, Bosnia, and Serbia.

Here you can find databases and resources relating to genealogy, family history research in Hungary. With the recent additions RadixIndex now boasts more than 999,000 records available in 7 databases. The master index of surnames could be a good place to start exploring what RadixIndex has pertaining to your researched surname from Hungary. Besides the databases the site has some more resources in the maps section. New materials added to the RadixIndex collection are free to search for one month. Older materials can only be accessed by subscribers. There are three subscription plans, the one-time subscription fees range between 7.50-35 US Dollars.

This message board was created to help those researching their Hungarian ancestry, or trying to find their lost family, relatives, missing persons, friends from historical Hungary.

Genealogical research in Slovakia and former Austria-Hungary. Genealogy services: free lookups, finding ancestors, finding living relatives, genealogy tours, hand painted genealogy charts, complex genealogy projects, probate research. Other services: searching land records in slovakia, locating persons in Slovakia. The site is also available in Slovak language.

The German Family Tree Researchers’ Society in Hungary was established in November 2000, as the partner organization of AKdFF (Arbeitskreis donauschwabischer Familienforscher) in Sindelfingen. The AKuFF above all is an organization of German family tree researchers in Hungary, but it doesn’t preclude the possibility of researching Hungarian or other nationalities. The main purpose of the society is to organize the researchers in this organization, promote the exchange of information by getting to know each other’s research work, provide scientific background for the members and giving professional assistance necessary for research. In addition the Swabian history, local history, historical auxiliary sciences (heraldry, archontology, cartography, etc.) are also in the range of intersts.

The research of the history of Transylvanian noble families is the aim of this homepage. According to the plans it will give an account of the historical sources referring to these familes: of family archives and their present keeping-places, of different hand-written sources, of funeral orations, scientific researches and publications. The filling up of the database (Transylvanian Family History Database) is in progress. In the same database can anyone concerened find the almost complete list of the family archival fonds of the Transylvanian National Museum Archives (belonging to the Transylvanian Museum Society) in Kolozsvár/Cluj and of that of the Székely National Museum Archives in Sepsiszentgyörgy/Sfântu Gheorghe.

Probate research organization, with offices in Budapest and Pécs, Hungary; and Gheorgheni, Romania. Territorial coverage: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine. Services: Identifying, locating, contacting heirs, Obtaining contingency agreements – negotiated fees for smaller estates and special circumstances, Obtaining vital records, translations, notarizations, apostille, Expert witnessing. Site also available in Romanian, Slovak, Croatian, Russian, Polish.