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Martin’s Herend Imports, Inc. is an independent, family owned and operated company established in 1957. Located in northern Virginia west of Washington, D.C., the headquarters serves as the sole distribution center for Herend products in the United States. Martin’s maintains showrooms in New York and Atlanta, and is represented nationwide by 10 full-time sales professionals. Herend product line is available at select retailers across the country.

lmntl crafts is a small San Francisco-based family business specializing in ethnic needlework supplies and gifts, with a current focus on traditional Hungarian folk art; working closely with regional folk artists to bring you authentic and unique products. Offerings include: Hungarian embroidery kits featuring authentic patterns designed by Hungarian folk artists, Handcrafted pottery, embroidered and handwoven textiles, and other unique items made by regional artisans.

Lauer Learning creates innovative multimedia products to teach kids about foreign languages, cultures and historic events. They have several products related to Hungary.