Category: Import Stores & Groceries (USA)

International Meat and Deli is a family owned and operated store, located in Garden Grove, California specializing in “old world” flavors, traditional high quality fresh meat products, as well as a variety of import products from all over Europe. The site is also available in Romanian language.

The Blue Danube Wine Company was founded in 2002 to import fine Central European wines to the U.S. market. The company focuses on wines from Austria and Hungary that are fairly rare in the U.S. Blue Danube Wine Company distributes wines as a wholesaler to wine retailers, supermarkets, and better restaurants within California, simultaneously building a nation-wide network of distributors. The site has a news & events, wine blog, wineries, wine shop section.

Bende meats: Salami, Sausage, Bacon, Pork Loin. Bende Imports: Paprika, Seasonings, Salads, Pickles, Compotes, Fruit Butters, Jams, Honey, Fruit Syrups. Other imports: Noodles, Soup Mixes, Spices, Veg. Pastes/Spreads, Condiments, Meat Spreads, Fish, Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, Desserts, Chocolates/Candies, Baking Aids, Other Foods, Christmas Items, Body Care/Misc. You can order online or visit the factory outlet store in Vernon Hills.

Otto’s features fine deli foods and products of Hungary and Europe. Wide selection of European and Hungarian foods and products. Assorted European chocolates, marzipans, souvenirs and gifts. Large collection of Hungarian paprika, sausages, salamis, and deli items. Complete worldwide beer and wine department. Order fine Hungarian wines, Magyar paprika, Hungarian gifts, Pick salamis, sausages, delicious Hungarian recipes, famous cookbooks and much more: Ham, Goose Liver, Bacon, Ribs, Karaj, Headcheese, Cheese, Liver, Blood and Fresh Sausage, Hurka, Disznotoros, Frankfurters, Bologna, Liverwurst, Smoked Salmon, Peppers, Pickles, Salads, Sauerkraut, Ajvar, Noodles, Soups, Paprika, Spices, Beres Csep Hungarian Vitamins, Vegeta, Mustard, Jams, Preserves, Lekvar, Honey, Dessert, Beigli, Syrups, Mineral Water, Teas, Hungarian Breads, Hungarian/European Candies, Chocolates, Christmas Candies and even Szaloncukor. Mail orders welcomed worldwide. Retail and mail order address: Burbank, California. Discover Hungary through Otto’s large selection of Hungarian music, books, embroidery, videos of Hungary or Budapest.