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Organic foods to those who give preference to reform nutrition, vegetarians, for those who are on a diet and for those who beside having a healthy nutrition stick to the delicious flavours.

Culinaris® intends to become the prime source for fine food and spices from Hungary and around the world – and the information needed to prepare great dishes. Culinaris® strives to provide fresh and processed foods from controlled environments. Culinaris® intends to provide the tasty and natural, without blindly following fads and fashions. Culinaris’® aim is to provide non-GMO, additive-free – and where available – organic alternatives as well. Clear labelling and recipes will be provided. Culinaris® will organise tastings on premises as well as ‘Food Events’ at restaurants.

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The Patricius Winery was established by the Kékessy family’s oenological vocation for the future, which derives from the past. The family’s ancestors were well-known vineyard owners in the regions of the hills of Mátra and Tokaj from the 18th century. The vinery is a rebulit wine-press house in the vineyard Várhegy. The winery produces tokaji aszú, late harvest and other dry wines.

For two hundred years, the Zwack family has been obsessed. Obsessed with a dark brown bittersweet liqueur distilled from herbs called Unicum. The first Zwack, Royal Physician to the Habsburg emperor can only have been obsessed to have invented such a complex recipe. If you take out one spicy ingredient from the over forty herbs it all collapses like a pack of cards. “Das ist ein Unikum!” was the emperor’s comment, thus giving the most popular drink of Hungary its name.

Market leader healthcare supplement in Hungary. Many years of experience have shown that Béres Drops Plus helps maintain or – if needed – regain your health all over the year. The company that gives these products their name, Béres Gyógyszergyár (Béres Pharmaceutical Factory), is no ordinary company. Founded upon the invention of a charismatic scientist, it started out as a Hungarian family business and has managed to maintain its independence, popularity and people-centred approach, even during more than ten years of free-market competition. The invention around which a company group and dozens of other products have formed is known as Béres Drops Plus, which was created by Dr. József Béres in 1972. Béres Drops Plus is a trace elements supplement, which helps the human body to maintain its resistance to disease, and can also be used as a complementary treatment to improve the general condition of tumour patients. The site is also available in Romanian language.

The tra­di­tion­al activ­ity of Sze­gedi Paprika Spice an­d Canned Food Pro­du­cing CCo. is pro­du­cing an­d trad­ing paprika product­s. The grow­ing an­d the pro­duc­tion of spice paprika in Szeged has a tra­di­tion which goes back over 250 years. The paprika powder­s can be found in 5 qual­it­ies (ex­tra del­icatesse, del­icatesse, noble-­sweet, hot del­icatesse, rose) in con­sumer s­ize (50g, 100g, 250g, 1000g, in sack­s an­d in cyl­indric­al boxes) an­d in bag s­ize.

Curative waters: Hunyadi János, Ferenc József, Mira, Mira Baby, Parádi sulphurous, Donat Mg. Mineral & spring waters: Mineral water of Parád, Aqua Friss product line, Aqua Plus product line.

Products: original Hungarian wintersalamis, further salamisorts, dry sausages without mould, mangalitz smoked fat, mangalitz paprika fat, paprika fat, edelham sliced, Pick Doktorskaya kolbasa, Pick Lyubitelskaya kolbasa.

The Meat Combine of Gyula Plc is one of the biggest meat processing companies in Hungary. The first slaughterhouse in Gyula was established in 1868. This is when the company was founded. During its 138 years it has undergone various stages of development and modernization. Products: dry sausages, pasty meat products (liver pastes), salamis, mangalica products, fermented semi-dry sausages, boiled sausages, cold cuts, puddings and meat cheese products, products cooked in mould, other sausages, fat products, smoked cooked meat products, sliced products.