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Etnofon Folk Music Publisher, Etnofon Sound Studio, Etnofon Music Company, Concert Office, Record Store – ETNOFON has been dealing with producing, archiving, releasing and distributing folk music recordings since 1992. Its aim is to help the introduction of folk music and contemporary music rooted in folklore in a comprehensive way to a wide range of people.

Past and Future (Múlt és Jövő) is a Hungarian Jewish cultural Journal with essays; historical, sociological and Judaistic studies; literature; the fine arts; reportage; and interviews. Since 1994, the Past and Future house has also been engaged in publishing books touching on all aspects of Jewish culture. To date these have included various genres: fiction, non-fiction, Jewish studies, Jewish history, sociology, art and even children’s books. Past and Future has viewed its special task to acquaint the wider public with the creations of Hungarian Jewish culture that were produced during the short and rich period from the end of the nineteenth century until the Hungarian Holocaust in 1944. It also aims at disseminating the work of present-day authors, artists and scholars from Hungary.

Hungaropress Distribution Ltd. was founded in 1990 and it was the first company to specialise in the distribution of foreign press in Hungary. Import and Distribution of Foreign Press: the company distributes more than 1.500 titles from 24 countries: handles all the major foreign titles, offering our customers a wide selection, from the most important political and financial daily newspapers to other interests such as, fashion, sports, entertainment, travel, art, home decoration, music etc. Export of Hungarian Press: Retail and Subscription: Due to the large Hungarian minorities living in Romania, Serbia and Slovakia the interest in Hungarian press abroad is constantly increasing. The import partners in all markets operate their own distribution systems and deliver the Hungarian titles to many outlets, among them Hypermarkets, gas station and traditional press shops and kiosks. Import and Distribution of Foreign Books: This activity was only started in 2006, but Hungaropress became already an important player in this field in Hungary with a permanent selection of more than 1.000 mainly English and German language books, but more and more French, Italian and Spanish books too.

The company builds and publishes databases of cultural valuables, which makes it a pioneer on the Hungarian CD-ROM market. Arcanum makes these outstanding subjects available on CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, local network, and on internet as well. The broad scale of products ranges from bibliographic databases for experts, to publications containing the most important values of our national and universal culture, which may enrich the bookshelves of families. The company provides books, encyclopedias, catalogues, and bibliographies for the experts and lovers of history, records, knowledge of one’s country, literature, education, genealogy, and bibliography in a modern way with the possibility of searches.

Akadémiai Kiadó is Hungary’s oldest publishing house that has been operating uninterrupted since 1828. Founded by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, its original mission was to publish the results of Hungarian science. Since 1996, the publishing house operates as a share company, owned by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Wolters Kluwer. Akadémiai Kiadó publishes 100-140 works every year, including essential scholarly reference books, educational books, mono- and bilingual dictionaries, language course books, and Hungarian and foreign-language periodicals. Akadémiai Kiadó is market leader in the publishing of dictionaries and periodicals.