Category: Other Products

The types of our materials cover almost the whole scale of products used at manufacturing of metal structures and building construction, such as: I – U steels, hollow sections, reinforcing rods, pipes, flat steel, round bars, angles, plates, meshes, stainless steel products, polycarbonate sheets, wrought iron products, etc. Since then we have established a warehouse in further countryside cities, as well, such as: Debrecen, Szeged, Békéscsaba and Miskolc, where we offer a similar range of products to our customers.

Car accessory company producing a range of innovative accessories for drivers who drive frequently. Products include center armrest for more than 100 car types, car clothes hanger, cell phone hands free set for using cell phone in your car, rollbox to organize all your stuff in your trunk and a creative seat organizer.

Curiosities from the world of interior design. The webshop offers veritable specialties in the world of interior design and offices. Furthermore it provides a unique solution in the field of gifts, whether business or wedding gifts! The main products consist of wooden ship models from the 17th and 18th centuries as well as yachts, sailing ships, battle ships and boats. They are prepared with meticulous care by hand in hundreds of hours, are based on original plans, detailed drawings and paintings. The wooden ship models are available in a variety of sizes and quality from the gift category up to the museum-quality ships which are assembled by thousands of pieces. In case you prefer to make your own ship, you can choose from wood building kits. Between the nautical accessories you can find shipping related gifts, ornaments, paintings, posters, puzzles and games.

Maker of quality sundials — Creating of unique horizontal and vertical sundials from natural materials (copper, ashlar, marble, granite and wrought-iron). Composing and restoration of artistic painted vertical sundials. Working up of picturesque steel pictures to special steel with diamond pin. Making of model cannons (functioning with black powder).

Hunique Workshop produces custom made saddles and riding equipments: girths, chaps, saddle bag, horse boots. The company takes in any saddle for repair or complete reproduction.

The Tulok brothers deal with trading of custom-designed and series producted ex librises. Present ex libris to your family, to your friends or yourself! If you would like to surprise your loved ones or yourself with a special gift and you miss an original work of art from your home yet, it can be an ex libris.