Category: Porcelain & Glass

The Kalocsa Porcelain Factory was founded in 1971. Ever since the company has made all efforts to preserve the several hundred year old traditions and colourful folklore of the Kalocsa-region that is expressed through the art of porcelain painting. More than 200 different products are readily available or can be ordered directly from the factory. Your choice of products can be decorated with unique inscriptions and patterns on request.

Unique, artistic glasses, bottles, and bowls are handmade from the finest crystals. Blown with mouth, grinded with hand. In 1878, Bernat Neumann has invited Bavarian and Saxon glass makers to Ajka and founded the factory at its current location, next to the railways of the Budapest – Szombathely direction. The factory still works as a manufacture so the quality depends on the workers’ skills and knowledge, therefore the company concentrates on the education and to provide better work circumstances. 90% of production is exported, mostly to the North-American and West-European countries, but there is also a great interest for the Ajka Crystal in Japan and in Sout-East Asia. The products are made in three different styles: smooth, painted and grinding-decorated crystals. The glasses, bowls, jugs, chalices and fancy-glasses made of clear crystal and lead-crystal represent a high artistic level. The website also offers a list of shops and distributors.

The company was founded in 1967, by Ranyák György master of Glass shaper in the heart of Budapest. Among many other products the product portfolio includes health care products, wine producing equipment, labor ware or fancy goods and gifts for example. A mixture of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology: the products are made of heat residant PYREX and SIMAX glasses that may be shaped at high temperature, are clear enough to be used in healthcare and free of stresses so highly resistant to mechanical loads.

The establishment of one of the oldest porcelain factories of Hungary, the Porcelain Factory of Herend fell on the period of national independence, which was the result of Hungarian development of bourgeois mentality. The mission of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory Ltd. is to maintain its position as a profitable enterprise on the leading edge of production of hand-crafted luxury porcelain goods of outstanding quality, nurturing the history and traditions of artisanship