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Not far from the city centre of Veszprém and close beside the University of Pannonia patients and their families are warmly welcomed in the pleasant and friendly Promedicum Dental Surgery. Promedicum offers a comprehensive dental examination from panoramic and intra-oral radiograph to aesthetical dentistry, as well as accomodation for the patients. In three separated up-to-date equipped air-conditioned surgery rooms an aligned team with professional skill and international experience can get a solution to every kind of dental problem.

The clinic kindly await the patients in our completely refurbished and rebuilt dental surgery, equipped with two chairs and modern technology. During the construction works, heat shielding doors and windows were built in and the modernization and reconstruction of the heating system were also realized. The surgery and the waiting room were equipped with air conditioners, which serve the comfort of both the patients and the workers too. The outer facade of the building received new heat shielding. According to the standards of the European Union, they have cleared the dental surgery of obstacles and created a rest room suitable for disabled patients. They have changed the entrance to the surgery from through the stairway, to a significantly better, external entrance.

This dental clinic is located in central Budapest. The dental surgery employs the newest technologies and the most modern materials and equipment to guarantee patients a level of quality that is in accordance with western standards as well. The most common treatments are the following:X-rays produced with digital technologies, burned to CDs; Prostheses, bridges, crowns made from “Vita” porcelain; prostheses with special fixing mechanisms, stable and partial prostheses (removable, but not visible, and fixed); removable bridges; traditional and modern, aesthetic fillings, inlays (tooth colored, transparent); dental implants – new: implants you can use right away; jawbone density measurement; dental surgery; laser treatments (diode laser – surgery, root canal treatment); soft laser to accelerate the healing of aphtha, herpes, and wounds in the mouth; teeth whitening with various methods.

Zirkon Kovassy Dental, Implantology and Dental Surgery Center can provide a solution to all oral diseases, problems, from the simplest tooth extraction to the more complex tooth implants, or an oral surgery. The center is in the downtown of Szombathely, near the Main Square. Services include: Dental conservations, Implantation, Zirconium, Prosthetic dentistry, Dental surgery, Tooth whitening, Dental jewellery.

Dental treatments in Budapest dentistry with free airport-clinic transfer: Esthetic and cosmetic dentistry (metal-free crowns, bridges, venners, smile makeover, esthetic restaurations, inlays, onlays, veneers), implantology, oral surgery, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, professional tooth whitening treatment (bleaching), professional oral hygiene treatment. The site offers detailed information about the following dental treatments — Esthetic and cosmetic dentistry: Ceramic veneer, Composite veneer, Cosmetic dentistry, Crowns and bridges, Dental decay (caries), Dental implants, Esthetic restoration, Filling, Indirect veneer, Inlay, Metal-free crowns and bridges, Onlay, Oral hygiene, Overdenture, Parts of the tooth, Porcelain veneer, Pregnancy/Prenatal care and oral health, Professional (in-office) tooth whitening, Recontouring, Smile makeover, Teeth jewellery, Tooth whitening, bleaching, Veneer, Wisdom teeth, third molar, Zirconium-ceramic crowns and bridges. Orthodontics: About orthodontics, Orthodontics for children and teenagers. Pediatric dentisry: Deciduous teeth (milk teeth), Mixed and permanent dentition, Oral care for infants. Dental implantology: Dental implants, Sinus lifting, sinus elevation. Oral surgery: Bone replacement, Dental trauma, Dry socket, Instructions after tooth removal, Periodontitis and bone replacement, Removal of teeth, Root resection (apicectomy), Wisdom teeth, third molar, Sinus lift, sinus elevation.

Prevention: counselling, regular screening, computerized radiography, tooth-striae closing. Medical treatment: aesthetic fillings, inlays, porcelain shield, milk-tooth fillings, root-canal treatments and fillings, tooth-stub construction with pegs, gums treatments, toothing-stone removal, tooth extraction, root removal, replacemeent of amalgam fillings. Dental prosthesis: porcelain crown and bridge, metal-free prosthesis, removable prosthesis, temporary prosthesis. Tooth whitening with plasma light.

Dr. Bella Dental Clinic, one of the first private dental clinics in Hungary (established in 1992) offers the following services: Esthetic/cosmetic odontology, Implantology, Periodontology, Prosthodontics, Prophylaxis, Conservative dentistry. The clinic is located in the hearth of Bük, in just walking distance to the famous Birdland Golf Club. Patinents can use the Clinic’s hotel for free of charge during their treatment and after for controls at anytime. Free transfer from Vienna airport is also available.

Dental Surgery located in downtown Budapest, specializing in aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry: metal-free restorations, teeth bleaching, porcelain veneers.