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For kids who are 1 to 4 years old (not strictly). What do they do? Singing, moving, storytelling, drawing – in English. You can continue at home, as the lyrics of the songs are on the web, and a pass comes with a gift CD. About the owner: the name’s Réka Szász. She’s an English and Mathematics teacher, and lived and taught a lot in English speaking countries. She have a daughter, Sára, who helps her out in the class.

The team-members of have more than 10 years’ experience. Their baby-sitters are all qualified and have practice and all the necessary medical and official documents. Most of them speak foreign languages and have a driving licence. The scope of activities: Baby sitter, Au pair training; Baby sitter, Au pair mediation (Hungary, the USA, Belgium, Holland, Great Britain etc.); Providing professional baby-sitters for wedding parties, company dinners and other special events; All-night and weekend duty.