Category: Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Drycleaning: all chemically cleanable garments and textiles, drapery, slip-covers, costumes for theatre play and for individual appearances, all sorts of uniforms, leather garments (cleaning and dyeing), fur coats, fur hat and collars, lambskins, etc. Washing: bedding, table-cloths, etc. Dyeing: dyeing of faded, discoloured, worn or spotty garments, as requested, casual, wedding gowns and bride’s maids dresses, individual, formal wear, stage and dance apparel and accessories, special shades as customers request, upholstery, interior decorating fabrics, gloves, leather for shoe uppers, lace, lingerie, all kinds of garments wool and tapestry threads.

Door to door cleaners in Budapest. Minimum order apply, at least 5000Ft. Price includes cleaning/washing, pressing/ironing, packaging and delivery.