Category: Traditional Inns

The restaurant was established in 1998. The inner hall of the restaurant and its atmosphere is boosted by the uniquely designed oaken furniture and porcelains of Korond. The inner saloon is divided into boxes, which provides for 70 persons comfortable space. Furthermore the restaurant has a small room which is suitable for 30 people. The terrace is opened in the spring and in the summer and closed (roofed) in the fall and in the winter, it provides space for 30-35 people. From the terrace the panoramic view is beautiful, a huge field and the Ilka brook can be seen.

The aim of the restaurant’s founder and that of his loyal team was quite simply to offer a new kind of restaurant while still remaining faithful to past traditions. In addition to fine food and drink the guests are not entertained by an evening of folklore but are encouraged to take an active part in discovering the true and living puszta.