Category: Travelling by Boat

The company is the largest sailing company in this region and its most well-known service is passenger sailing. Most of the passenger sailing traffic is done by 26 motor passenger ships. The ferry service between Szántórév and Tihanyrév done by 4 ferries can be seen as a bridge linking the northern shore and the southern shore of the lake. The company also has 22 ports around the Lake Balaton. Besides the regular ship services guests can choose pleasure-boot service and ship-charter service, too. The ships for special programs where customers can find catering services of the highest standard meet the most demanding requirements.

MAHART Passnave Passenger Shipping Ltd is the biggest and oldest shipping company in Hungary. Water passenger transport in Hungary has traditionally been focused primarily on the Danube, an international waterway, the Lake Balaton and the River Tisza during its more than 100 years of history. Range of services consists of river passenger transport, organizing events on boats, the operation of the Admirál restaurant on Belgrád Quay and numerous ports on the Danube and the Tisza, and the activities of the MAHART Tours Travel Agency. The fleet of 20 boats and 9 hydrofoils carries nearly 1 million passengers and guests on their decks each year. In addition to the scheduled excursion liners starting from Budapest to Esztergom, Visegrád, Szentendre and Százhalombatta and to regional boat service from Esztergom to the capital, Mahart Passnave also offers recreation opportunities and entertainment programs on its boats for children and adults alike. Danube Corso sightseeing cruise boat and our ferry service to the Margaret island are also very popular with visitors to Hungary. International and domestic scheduled hyrdrofoil service in the Danube Bend area, which MAHART launched in 1963 between Wien and Budapest, is one of the main activities.

The shipyard of the company contains two event boats and a smaller nostalgia boat. All boats have two levels with a separated area for catering services. The company offers various services, e.g. Luxury dinners, conferences, Sightseeing tours, round-trips along the Danube to Szentendre, Visegrád, Esztergom, etc.

Wedding. Conference. Product tour. Exhibition. Theatrical event. Banquet. Corporate event. Európa Boat is not only the largest and most well-equipped event boat of Hungary, but she is also unique in Central Europe with her unique technical and catering facilities, conference rooms, dressing rooms, smoking area, 330 m2 sun terrace. The 660 m2 of usable floor space is enough for approx. 650 people in case of seated reception, and for cca. 1 000 in classic reception.