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Loidl Services and Embroidery

Loidl Services and Embroidery Ltd. is present on the Hungarian and international market since 1985. The company takes on to produce crests, flags, emblems, logos, captions, monograms, and embroidery. The company's specialities are: cap/hat embroidery, sequin embroidery, chenille embroidery, cording embroidery. Besides Loidl Kft. can design and product patterns by vectorial and bitmap formats. In case you have your image on a photo or sketched on a paper Loidl can still help you to realize your ideas. You are welcomed to choose from the collection of more than 20,000 patterns.

Wild-Disz Embroidery

Wild-Disz deals with embroidery since 1987. The company offers creation of a software and making of the embroidery based on graphics, and creation of software to control all industry standard embroidery machines.

Silver Stitch Embroidery

The Silver Stitch Ltd., which in the last few years has achieved leading position in the Hungarian embroidery business, was founded as a sole proprietorship in 1988 under the name of Bankuti Embroidery. Services : Embroidery on any kind of cut or finished clothing and other textile articles, either on leather. Different technologies of embroidery (application, affixture of delicate fabrics and binding on slippery textiles, various weave technologies, quilt-stitching). Any combination of the embroidery with other textile technologies, like laser cutting and engraving with industrial laser cutter machine, or like lacing. Wide assortment of baby, child and adult patterns. Regular and self-adhesive labels for children and adult clothing. Company logo design and embroidery.Embroidery of any company gifts and promotion products (T-shirts, towels, polar pullover and coat, baseball cap, bag, backpack etc.). Laser cutting and engraving.

Aranyosi János - Embroidery

Embroidery of tickets, firm logos and other samples in sewingable or ironingable form or on finished goods (T-shirts, Piquet-tricot, bags, caps or overcoats). Special techniques used: Embroidery with metal fibre (gold or silver coated), band embroidery, embroidery of baseball / knitted caps, tambour (frottier) embroidery

Embroidery Service

Hungarian reseller of Tajima embroidery machines and embroidery designer software. Full service and total renovation of embroidery machines made in Germany and Japan. Local installing, manufacture training, advice. Accessories like threads, needles, vetex, etc. Second hand machines.

AEMCO Europe Embroidery Machines

The company distributes the AEMCO embroidery machines, and the ADS embroidery software, and the laser systems, sign-art plotters and thermal-transfer printers of the GCC company and the needles of the DOTEC company, the winder machines of the TONY company and wide range of materials for embroidery. The site is also available in Romanian and Slovak languages.