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Garment Accessories & Supplies

Mont Print - Screenprinting

The Mont Print Kft. was founded in 1991 with the main profile of screenprinting cotton and synthetic clothes. The production is based on a 4000 m2 estate with a workshop of 850 m2 and offices on 150 m2. Austrian made MHM screenprinting automats assure the technology of printing the same quality on textiles with different thickness and phisical parameters. Among the customers you can find the biggest Hungarian and international advertising companies.

Vibromat Electric Cutting Scissors

Electric cutting scissors - production and trading. Electric cutting scissors type S 54 are suitable for cutting stacks of several layers (of textiles, synthetic fabrics, fabrics of curtains) as well as for cutting of artifical leather and knitwears in 3-4 layers. Electric cutting scissors type S 56 are suitable cutting of textiles, leather, synthetic leather and knitwears put in some layers on each other. It is quite new, that the scissors are suitable for cutting of floor-carpets, as well. Electric cutting scissors type S 58 is the member of vibromat family of the biggest output. The machine with the motor together is placed in aplastic body of nice shape, which is heat-resistant and proof against physical impact, which with help of clutch, made also from plastic provides a double insulation. As the scissors is equipped with a 3-speed motor, besides textile, leather, synthetic leather is suitable for cutting of silk materials as well.

Bravo L - Swimmwear & Underwear

Bravo L. ltd has been working in the Hungarian market for over 10 years. The company also supplies Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Romania with its products. The main profile of the company is manufacturing and importing textiles as well as accessories for underwear and swimwear.

Concordia - Zipper Manufacturing

Zipper manufacturing since 1967: Concordia Ltd. produces metal and plastic spiral zippers, bands for dress good industry (twill, danubia, repp, pasepoil), elastic bands (both made of natural and sintetic raw materials, in different colours and in different widths 6mm - 50 mm), strings, elastic strings, ropes, metal buttons, clips.

Bentex Retail & Wholesale

The company's main business is clothing accessories for the retail and wholesale trade, fashion wear makers and the domestic market. Product range: rubbers, zippers, buttons, threads, strings, fringes, coat hangers, shoulder-pads, measuring tools, user guides, denim accessories, huge variety of woven, printed and embroidered logos, curtains and curtain accessories, bijoux.

Rea Tex - Yarn Trading & Wholesale

The company was established in March 2001 as a family enterprise. It's main activity is yarn trading and wholesale. Rea Tex Ltd deals with yarns for flat-knitting, circle-knitting, weaving and for hand-knitting, crocheting which yarns are imported from India, Indonesia, Turkey, France, England and Slovakia. The company usually holds cotton/PES yarns in stock for circle-knitting and there is also constant, abundant stock service in beautiful hand-knitting, crochet yarns with excellent quality. As a speciality original LUREX yarns can be found also in Rea Tex Ltd's supply which yarns can be bravely suggested for flat-knitting, circle-knitting, weaving, hand-knitting and crocheting.