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Garment Manufacturers

Backstreet Sewing Factory - Dunakeszi

Professional sewing factory, modell creator studio, tailoring studio. +5 exclusive subcontractor sewing house with 60 employees. Brother sewing machines, Shiruba interlocs, Shiruba specialwelt maker sewing machines, buttonhole maker, button upsewer, industrial irons, stud pitcher machine. Profesional quality control system. Wrapping system.

Erzsó Individual Clothes - Székelyudvarhely

An enterprise producing individual clothes, keeping and at the same time further developing the centuries-old clothes-making traditions. It produces well-wearable, elegant clothes for our age, using the folklore and civil style elements. The clothes are characterized by the carefully chosen materials, and rich hand-made embroidery. Most of all Erzsó uses flax, cotton and cotton-like matters as raw material The company also produces personalized and scalloped covers and tableclothes or curtains for hotels and restaurants, and elegant clothes in a modern style. The site is also available in Romanian language. The company is located in Romania.

SamTex Working Clothes

SamTex Kft. has been supplying working clothes and bed clothes for the public health sector for over 14 years now. Seventy percent of the hospitals in Hungary are regular clients of the company. Besides them a great number of pharmacies, nurseries, private praxes, dental surgeries, and workers of kitchens use these clothes constantly. Besides working clothes used in public health with the STX trademark there is also a more colourful and more energetic young collection, which is primarily offered to those women and men working in the fields of beauty sector, catering, hotel trade and wellness. Products include: tunics for women, mantles and overcoats for men and women, trousers for men and women, T-shirts for men and women, aprons, cook garments, bed clothes, surgery garments and textiles, protective footwear, clogs, slippers, sandals. The site is also available in Russian language.

Sport Time - Knitwear

Sport Time produces and sells knitwear since 1989. Products- Knitted goods: underwear, sportswear, articles of fashion. Services: comission knitting, dyeing and finishing.

Easton Knitting & Dyeing - Hódmezővásárhely

József Kokron settled at Hódmezővásárhely in 1889 establishing textile industry by setting up his first knitting and weaving plant. He purchased that real estate where the company, the EASTON Kft. (Ltd.) operates even today. By Kokron's plant was developed an important textile industry centre in Hódmezővásárhely, which was significant at national level too. Nowadays with 80 employees the manufacturing operation has been going on in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 quality assurance system. The monthly knitting production of over 100 tons are fabrics manufactured by single needle-bed 20 and 28 gauge circular knitting machines Core fabrics include: single jersey, piqué, fleece, RIB and mini-jacquard. The dyeing and finishing shop meets the processing requirements of all types of circular knitted fabrics. The applied technologies ensure that the company meets the quality requirements of the ÖKOTEXT 100 standard.

Astikids Baby and Kid Clothes

Andrea Ltd was established in 1989. The company had grown from a small family business to Hungary's one of the biggest producers of childen- and baby clothing. One of the biggest advantage is the comprehensive and coordinatable range. Beside the standard range - basic lines, nightwear, sportswear - the company is producing baby, girls and boys products after the latest strend in a very wide size chart: baby 56-98 cm, children 104-164 cm. Andrea Ltd has the licence for Walt Disney and characters of Power Rangers 1,2, Sissi, Wunschpunsch, Diabolik. The company's registered brand name is ASTI

Comtex Garment Manufacturing - Debrecen

COMTEX Zrt. is a ready to wear goods manufacturing company. The company was founded in 1989. At the beginning of its business activity Comtex started with the manufacturing and wholesale of elastic- and non-elastic bands and cords, labels and complementary goods for children and adults. (belts, braces, ties, bow-ties, etc.) As the company has developed, the manufacturing of ties – including ties made of silk and polyester – gained prominence in the company profile, later the range of products was further increased, now you can find gloves, jackets, coats, pullovers as well beside the basic products like: ties, belts, shirts and pants.

Caremo Collezioni - Women's Outfits

Caremo Collezioni has been launched in Hungary in the spring of 2003. The basic idea of the business has been inspired by overweight women for whom the company designs high quality, trendy outfits. These products are supplied in size M-6XL with wide ranging colors and styles in respect of the actual trends and customer needs. The company has two whole-sale units, four own stores and several other brand stores.