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Upholstery & Furnishing

Ajour - Wholesale of Home Textiles

The company was established in 2001, after ten years of gaining experience. Main scope of activity is wholesale of home textiles. Products: curtains, decorational textiles, shadowing textiles, upholstery textiles. The distributed products can be found in almost all towns of Hungary, as well as in most of the neigbouring states. The site is also available in Croatian language.

Laguna - Curtains & Decor Materials

Distributor of curtains and decor materials. Laguna is in daily contact with German, Italian, French, Spanish, Slovenian and Turkish plants to be able to effect their development according to Central-European needs. The reason for this is that the company not only delivers goods for the 350 drapery stores in Hungary, but expands to neighbouring countries too.

Mobitess - Home Textile Trading

Family cunducted trading (wholesale and retail) company with more than 15 years of experiences in the home textile trading field. The company imports upholstery fabrics, light and furnishing curtains and other made ups from Italian, Spanish and Czech manufacturing partners covering a well-defined part of the local market. Customers & trading partners can select among the widest variety (in colours, width and composition) of classic and modern upholstery fabrics, coordinating them with furnishing curtain items. The particularly textured and great variety of gobelin fabrics are exlusive and rather popular. Light curtains supplies are of Italian, German and Spanish import (voile, sablé, embroyded laces, printed and plain organza jacquard fabrics, in 140-330 cm width). Complementary sewing and surveying services make the retail work especially efficient. The company sells also chair and armchairs, various style of tables, sofas in two variant: crude woods mainly in calssic and traditional style. Appropriate paintings of the wood and upholstery works are up to customer's order and requirement

Aste - Upholsteries & Draperies

The company is producing its popular upholsteries with the help of 60 looms. Besides the double plush and chenille materials, draperies belong to the companies profile as well. The Hungarian group of owners introduced new politics and principals regarding the companies commercial and business point of view. To create a balanced and cost-effective production system the representatives of ASTE 2000 Ltd. are often visiting partners dealing with furniture manufacturing in order to keep their collections up to date, introduce new products and research the market. The history of the factory dates back to the 1920's. Once on the territory of the factory a steam mill had operated Then the mill was bought up by a Viennese businessman who found the property suitable for establishing a textile manufacture. The new firm, „The Hungarian Bed-cover and Upholstery Fabric under the name of Czeke & Hohenberg was incorporated on 31st August 1928.

ARAX Textiles

For over 21 years, within the framework of ARAX technology, the company has been engaged in the combination of unique methods of textile production, creating textile coverings individually and in small series, planning, manufacturing, and expertly placing decorative materials and curtains, and mantaining these products according to the expectations of the customer. ARAX textiles are a well-proven and well-liked material for the covering of apartments, public buildings, hotels, restaurants, businesses, galleries, and exhibition rooms; from intimate conference rooms to large scale exhibition installations, from the sets of popular television programs to unique theater costumes.

Szilutext - Upholstery Trade & Production

Szilutext Ltd. was founded in 1998. In the beginning the company catered solely for wholesalers, however throughout the years it has been expanded to provide for smaller traders and retailers as well. In addition to products manufactured in Hungary, the company imports an increasing amount of merchandise from leading European and overseas manufacturers which enables the company to offer a wider variety of products ranging from affordable, good quality goods to luxury items. In order to adapt to changing customer demands the product range has been widened with adding tapestries, faux leather and sponge materials and the manufacture of own range of upholstery has been started using imported and Hungarian manufactured materials.

Gardénia Lace Curtain Factory - Győr

Gardenia Lacecurtain Factory PLC is a traditional home textile company in the heart of the western region of Hungary. Its history dates back to more than 90 years. The headquarters of the company is located in Győr. The range of products includes a wide variety of transparent curtains, classic jacquards, light voiles, fashionable organzas and simple sables. Every customer has got the opportunity to choose a fabric in full compliance with its individual needs relating to sizes, ornaments and colours; in addition to fashionable, traditional and recent trends, the individual requirements can be also fulfilled. In addition to curtains, tablecloths, upholstery and bedspreads are also included the product range of Gardenia. The company has its own manufacturing plant where the production of ready made transparent curtains, decor curtains, window-blinds, bedspreads and table-cloths takes place. In curtain rods, Gardenia could offer complete sets to its customers; it has been manufacturing and selling the so called variable curtain rods for more than 10 years, but traditional bar rods, curtain rods made of hammered iron, curtain rails and vitrage rods are also available in the product range. Such accessories as fringes, tiebacks, borderings, clips, decor clips and other decor products make the assortment of Gardenia complete.

Rovitex Homedeko - Upholstery

The company was established in 1996 aiming to play a determinant role in the Hungarian upholstery market with its good quality products and services of high standard. The range of activity includes the import of upholstery from well-known foreign companies and the products are sent to middlemen through a national network. Product range includes curtains, rugs, carpets, blanket, cushions, table mates, seat cushion, curtain brooch. The site is also available in Croatian and Czech languages.

Dreamplus Multifunctional Beds - Győr

This ist the 21-th century! We had a dream that we made come true for your pleasure with considering even the smallest details. Elegant outlook, up-to-date materials, EU quality mattresses, electric headrest actuation, digital electronics built into the bed which you can handle the bedroom lights, the TV, the radio, the laser projected clock, the drapes or the blinds with. We also built in sockets, USB ports and a high quality audio system. The multifunctional DreamPlus bed is the piece of furniture that is still missing from your bedroom. Get acquainted with it and take it to your home to be a part of a dream.