2007. October • 25.

Gardenia Lacecurtain Factory PLC is a traditional home textile company in the heart of the western region of Hungary. Its history dates back to more than 90 years. The headquarters of the company is located in Győr. The range of products includes a wide variety of transparent curtains, classic jacquards, light voiles, fashionable organzas and simple sables. Every customer has got the opportunity to choose a fabric in full compliance with its individual needs relating to sizes, ornaments and colours; in addition to fashionable, traditional and recent trends, the individual requirements can be also fulfilled. In addition to curtains, tablecloths, upholstery and bedspreads are also included the product range of Gardenia. The company has its own manufacturing plant where the production of ready made transparent curtains, decor curtains, window-blinds, bedspreads and table-cloths takes place. In curtain rods, Gardenia could offer complete sets to its customers; it has been manufacturing and selling the so called variable curtain rods for more than 10 years, but traditional bar rods, curtain rods made of hammered iron, curtain rails and vitrage rods are also available in the product range. Such accessories as fringes, tiebacks, borderings, clips, decor clips and other decor products make the assortment of Gardenia complete.

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