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Accounting & Bookkeeping

ABT Hungária Consulting & Accounting

Services: Tax consulting, Audit services, Legal Advising, Accounting, Pay Roll Accounting, Preparing tax returns, Representing companies, Due dilligence services.

A.D. Euro-Controll - Auditor & Financial Consulting

Audit, financial consulting, qualification of financial and budgetary institutional. The company is registered by Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority, and has qualification to audit Financial and Securities Institutions. A. D. Euro-Controll is qualified auditing of financial organizations, institutions and investment service providers. Audit services: Audit of annual reports, Audit of pre-companies, Assessment of contribution in kind , Preparation of accounting standards, Review in line with the Act on Securities, Deposit analysis , Credit analysis, Profitability assessment, Screening of companies, IFRS audit. Tax consulting: tax optimization, tax alternatives, tax system review, tax expertise, ad hoc and contractual consultation. Financial consulting: credit requirement optimization, loan portfolio optimization, cash-flow management, financial planning, business planning. Economic consulting: accounting organization, system organization, assets-liability management, economic effectiveness analyse, company review. Productivity development: Kaizen, 5S, TPM, SMED, JIT, SW.

Balogh & Co. Auditor Company

The team of Balogh & Co. Auditor Company was established 1998 by five certified auditors. Services - Audit: complete annual audit for companies, audit for budget organisations, and local governements, audit of company transformations. Asset estimation: authentication of apports and balances, management of transformations, financial review. Consultancy: financial, tax, tender, public procurement. Site also available in Russian.

Bergmann Auditing and Tax Consulting

Tax consulting: representation towards authorities, company mergers and acquisitions, project tax legislation analysis, business analysis, short term profit and loss accounts, introduction of IT systems, legal intermediary services. Business consulting services: selecting accounting systems, planning and economic analysis of investments, loan applications, monthly and annual statements. Preparation and implementation of company audits specified by compulsory regulations or requested by clients: continuous and/or annual audit services in Hungarian, English and/or German, company and property valuation, auditing tasks related to reorganisation, screening of financial statements and accounting information, audit reports on fulfilment of contract agreements and on financial statements.

Bergmann Accounting Office

Accounting: monthly and annual statements in Hungarian, English and/or German, preparation of balance sheet and income statement, cooperation with auditing parties. Payroll accounting: accounting of wages and statement of payroll deductions, statement and reporting of social security and employers' contributions, reporting of annual income tax, transferring wages to employees' private bank accounts. Coprporate finance: filing and registration of incoming invoices, execution of bank transfers, monitoring costumers' outstanding items, sending requests for payments, payment of social security contributions, welfare charges and other tax obligations, outsourcing with direct data connection.

BDO Forte - Auditing & Tax Consulting

The BDO Group is the world's fifth largest auditing and tax consulting network. In 621 offices in 107 countries over the world, nearly 30,000 consultants provide a comprehensive range of business advice and accounting services as part of the BDO International network. The BDO office in Budapest has assisted the development of companies since 1989. BDO Forte is BDO's sole representative in Hungary. BDO Forte is a full member of the international auditing and tax consulting network of BDO. Services: auditing, tax consulting, corporate finance, internal audit, IT audit, HR services, bookkeeping, payroll services.

CROCUS Accountant and Consultant Ltd.

The company offers accounting, preparing the General Ledger Statement and the Balance Sheet, monitoring payment of taxes, filling in and submitting tax returns, maintaining ÁFA (VAT) registration and preparing for ÁFA payment transfers and reclaims. Crocus monitors payment collection for invoices and maintains the registration of receivables from customers. Responsibilities include performing the accounting for the payroll, social security payments and personal income tax, as well as accounting for wages, sick pay, preparing the payroll, preparing for the transfer of payroll withholding, and the transfer of tax payments. The company prepares the accountancy reports in English and there is an English-speaking bookkeeper in the office.

Crystal WorldWide Offshore Company Formation

Crystal WorldWide is a leading expert in Central Europe in the offshore company formation and management industry with over 11 years of experience in international tax planning. Services: Consultation regarding formation, annual maintenance, tax planning and various offshore soultions and the selection of the proper jurisdiction. Company formation in all major financial service centres. Preparation of memorandum and articles of association, Formation of trusts and companies, Provision of registered agent and registered address, Provision of nominee directors and shareholders, Bank account opening and management, Execution of commercial transactions according to the instructions of the clients, Services related to acreditives, Preparation of invoices for client companies, Revision of contracts and execution, Mail forwarding telephone and fax message forwarding service, Translation service. Accounting services: Complience with statutory accounting requirements, Auditing, VAT registration and related consultancy. The site is also available in Russian, Slovak, Romanian, Serbian and Croatian languages.

Dénes & Daughter Auditing Ltd.

Continuous book keeping, with data supply to the owners, payroll calculation and social security work, tax advising, establishment of companies, legal advising, appraisal activity, continuous and annual auditing, settling the final accounts of companies, managing companies in Hungary on behalf of foreign owners. n accordance with the Hungarian Accounting Law, auditing and book keeping activity can not be carried out by the same company. For this reason the owners of Dénes & Daughter Auditing Ltd. have established two, physically separate companies in order to be able to offer both book keeping and auditing services for the Customers.

E-Audit - Audit & Tax Advice

E-AUDIT Ltd. is primarily focusing on offering services in the area of audit, tax advice and organisation of business administration. The company widely applies various electronic equipments, because with their help E-Audit can partly perform assume the client’s data supply obligations, electronically receive and process the accounting and book-keeping data in order of having full and comprehensive knowledge and vision regarding the audited company’s accounting and book-keeping activities, send back the processed data to the data owners and the management in an easy-to-use format, record the company documents in electronic format.

EuroStandard Hungary Accounting Office

The accounting office is located in Óbuda near Aquincum providing services for many Hungarian and foreign owned businesses: Accounting, tax advisory, Payroll assistance, E-Accounting.

Fin-S Accountancy Office

Fin-S Accountancy Office Ltd. Kft. is an accounting company operating since 1995 providing full and complex accounting service. Outsorcing of administration: Fin-S Accountancy Office Ltd. deals with all fields of accounting, which includes managing of financial department, bookkeeping, salary administration, tax administration, auditing. Consultancy and training: Fin-S Accountancy Office Ltd. provides consultancy on accounting systems redesign. Furthermore the company provides several training courses for managers and professionals in the accounting field.

Gergely Béres-Molnár - Public Accountant & Tax Expert

The company has two important aims: First of all, helps the work of all costumers enlightening their market potential, secondly helps to analyze and influence the economic environment concerning the stakeholders' requirements. Furthermore you can find in the company's scope bookkeeping, preparing corporate accounts, tax advising and auditing too.

HBalance Bookkeeping

Activities: Bookkeeping, tax advising, pay-roll accounting, administration with the Tax Authorities (APEH), Social Security Bureau (TB) and the Central Statistical Bureau (KSH). The Company has been dealing with the full-scale administrative organisation, pay-roll accounting, general ledger bookkeeping and analytic statement keeping tasks of various economic associations (limited liability companies, deposit partnerships, general partnerships and companies limited by share) and other organisations (foundations, associations, law offices) since 1993.

Interbook - Bookkeeping & Accounting Consultation

INTERBOOK, a Limited Liability Company for Bookkeeping and Accounting Consultation was founded on July 1, 1996. Before 1996 the company operated as the accounting department of Ernst & Young Hungary Kft. On July 1 1996, "Ernst & Young Bookkeeping and Accounting Ltd", a daughter company of Ernst & Young, has been established, which then changed its name to "INTERBOOK Bookkeeping and Accounting Consulting Ltd" on May 15, 2000. Changes in local and international accounting law made the company necessary to get full independency from the auditor firm. INTERBOOK offers services at the area of full scope accounting, taxation, consulting and payroll activities. These activities can include regular (monthly) double-entry bookeeping service, preparation of annual reports as required by local law, reporting in Hungarian, English or German according to the Client's requirements, but also development of internal regulations in compliance with the applicable law. Beyond these regular services INTERBOOK's experts are ready to provide Clients with specific business consultation to help improving their operational proficiency.

KPMG Hungary

KPMG is a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services. They operate in 148 countries and have more than 113,000 professionals working in member firms around the world. The independent member firms of the KPMG network are affiliated with KPMG International, a Swiss cooperative.

Kocsi Accountant and Accounts Supplier

Comprehensive accounts service, assisted by a chartered auditor, a tax advisor, a certified accountant and a solicitor. Bookkeeping, tax-guidance, file-tax returns, founding a corporation, accounts, pay-roll accounting, social-security bureau and administration in Budapest. The main activity of the company is bookkeeping, accounting service and other accounts tasks that incorporate monthly regular -double-entry bookkeeping, -pay-roll accounting, -income-tax returns, -supplying of data, and making the annual financial report by course of the accounting law.

L.V. Audit - Auditing & Tax Counselling

Services: audit (principal activity), tax counselling, agency in tax cases, tax-optimisation, administration in company forms’ change and transformation, international tax affaires, bookkeeping, payroll accounting, cost analysis, planning, preparation of applications, general business consulting, company representation, global administration

MGI-BPO Auditors, Accountants, Tax Consultants

MGI-BPO is the Hungarian member firm of MGI, which is a worldwide association of independent auditing, accounting and consulting firms. Profile: Accounting, Accountant, Bookkeeping; Statutory Audit, Due-Dilligence, Valuation; Tax Consulting, Tax Consultancy, Tax Advisory; Payroll accounting.

MRIAUDIT Hungary - Auditing & Business Consulting

MRIAUDIT Hungary Auditing and Business Consulting LLC. is a unique holding company exclusively owned by Hungarian professionals. Members of the holding are independent auditing business and legal consulting companies - well-known in their respective professions. The group provides the following services: Auditing, Tax consulting and representation, Bookkeeping and Payroll accounting, Legal consulting, International financial representation, IT- and other business consulting, Hardware and software support, Development and audit of grant-applications, Education.

Multibooking Consultancy - Bookkeeping & Advisory

The company undertakes Hungarian and Foreign companies' bookkeeping, payroll, auditing, tax advising, preparing reports based on Hungarian and International standards in Hungarian and English languages. Furthermore, Multibooking provides consultation in business, development, loan and investment fields, set up EU -applications, creation of business strategy and accounting standards, company establishment.

PKF Hungary - Audit & Consulting

PKF Hungary has been established in 1992, it is owned by Hungarian Certified Public Accountants, it has been a full member of PKF International since 1996 with exclusive license to operate in Hungary. Assurance services include: Statutory audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with Hungarian Accounting Standards (HAS); audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS); audit of group reports, prepared in accordance with international group accounting policies; company transformations, mergers; audit of in-kind contributions and valuations; due diligence reviews, purchase investigations and agreed upon procedures.

Provico Payroll Service

Provico Payroll Service Co., based in Budapest, has been doing payroll administration for local and multinational companies for more than 10 years. Provico can offer help to foreign companies that wish to obtain information about labour issues and payroll in Hungary. The company has extensive experience in designing payroll administration systems for companies wishing to be established in Hungary.

RIKK - Financial & Accountancy Company

The company, founded in 1991 offers comprehensive accounting services: Complete accounting, Tax returns, Pay-roll accounting, Tax advising, etc. RIKK Co. also administers accounting procedures related to starting and closing companies.

Szenczi Divizor Auditoring & Advising - Debrecen

The company has been doing business since 1994 in the sectors of auditoring and advising services. The company does business in Budapest and Hajdú-Bihar County, namely in Debrecen and in its neigbourhood. The decisive activity of the company is performing auditory tasks. Besides this the company does fully comprehensive advising of business, occasional and continous tender supervising, EU-conform tenders and project managing.

Econo-Ráció Economic Organising & Auditing - Szeged

Services: Auditing companies, local governments and budgetary institutions; Accounting, bookkeeping; Payroll counting, dealing with social insurance cases; Tax advising; Preparing and renewing regulations, procedures; Examination of companies in order to increase their efficiency; Reorganising of budgetary intstitutions to achieve higher economic efficiency and cost efficiency; Managing bankruptcies. (break-downs).

CONTROLL-NET Accounting & Tax-consulting - Békéscsaba

Company profile: auditing, single- and double accounting, tax advising, tax consulting, controlling, business planning, business advising, credit administration, finding and managing tender projects and subventions, complex wage, social and employment administration.

Agro-Invoice Bookkeeping & Consulting - Százhalombatta

The company deals with bookkeeping as a service, tax consulting, wording and preparing the necessary accounting policies, software consulting mostly in the field of introducing, adopting and running business software. Services are provided to any type of business organisations (such as: Corp., Ltd. etc.) and of course to personal undertakings, located in Százhalombatta, Érd, South-Buda, Pest County and in other townships located up to 40 kms far from Szazhalombatta.

ITAG-Ökolex Auditing - Győr

ITAG-ÖKOLEX Auditing Ltd. audits Reports of Hungarian subsidies of small, medium-sized and multinational companies compiled on the basis of Hungarian standards and the standards of the single European countries and that of IFRS and takes part in their consolidation or in the preparation of their consolidation. The auditors are fluent in foreign languages and have domestic and international experience of several years. ITAG-Ökolex has a licence and knowledge to audit quoted companies and Pension-, Health- and Aid Funds. - Book-keeping & Tax Advising

The company has been dealing with book-keeping and tax advising since 2001. During the past years has elaborated a specific controlling and informative system which provides information to companies regularly about their current financial situation, their liabilities, liquidities, and taxation possibilities.

InterTax Pro - Tax Consulting & Accounting

Tax consulting: Tax consultancy – advisory services in the field of taxation, accounting and labour law, Tax compliance for foreign companies, Transfer Pricing, Due Diligence, Tax planning, Representation of company. Expert Witness activities in Taxation. Accounting and pay-roll services: Accounting, book-keeping services, Periodical financial reporting, Pay-roll services, Business advisory services, Business administration services, Working out and over-viewing (inter company) regulations.

MS City Treuhand - Accounting & Bookkeeping

International accounting firm providing accounting, bookkeeping, auditing and consulting services. International Accounts: Monthly, quarterly and annual reports summarize your company's financial performance over a specific time period. Accounting and Bookkeeping: From the most basic accounting and bookkeeping services to the most complex ones: cash entries, bank vouchers, incoming and outgoing invoices, pay slips and other financial transactions. Corporate Accounting: MS City Treuhand informs you about all tax contributions, reimbursements and tax accounts. Finance: To meet your financial needs, MS City Treuhand can prepare and analyze cash flows, develop OP-lists, and organize bank transfers. Management consulting services include carrying out finalized business agreements, selecting and implementing standard software, defining the type of enterprise and cost and output analysis. Payroll Accounting: Monthly payroll activities include calculating employees' social security tax obligations, their pension obligations and the amount of personal income tax to be withheld and declare these amounts to the tax authority. Tax Consulting: ongoing and up-to-date tax consulting for corporate income tax, trade tax, value added tax, income tax and other tax issues.