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Advertising & Communication

Association of Communication Agencies in Hungary

MAKSZ has two main fields of activities. One is the representation of the interests, which is being realised on different levels. Partly, they protect the interests of the whole industry: they are present at the executive level, and are leading discussions with the client side, the media and the marketing research companies. The other main field of activity is very much diversified. All projects belong here that can serve the development of the Hungarian marketing communication industry (e.g. educational courses, common research, information databases, etc.). The site offers links to the members and other useful resources.

Hungarian Advertising Association

The primary objective of the Hungarian Advertising Association is to safeguard the interests of its members and promote the prosperity of the industry. Culture and profitability place a double demand upon advertising, but high quality, professional advertisements are able to meet both requirements. The Association’s membership includes legal persons, organisations without legal personality and natural persons. Rivalry between professionals of similar standing, proficiency or cultural outfit and competition among the companies can lead to conflicts of interests in the advertising market. An important duty of the Association is to identify these conflicts and seek for ways in which they can be handled.

Café Group

Café is a company group that delivers communications solutions. It produces communications plans, and implements them. Café is a team that can resolve the dilemmas above: it is able to give the best and the most efficient response in any communications issue. The members of its team communicate individually, and also together, but always along the lines of shared principles, in a single system, and at high standard – on behalf of their clients. Café is none other than a communications coffee shop. And what is a good coffee shop like?

Corvus Design Reklámügynökség

Advertising: ATL, BTL, Corporate design, Packaging, Online works. Event marketing: Commercial campaigns, exhibitions, fairs. Communication: Promotional tools, Newsletters, Broschures, Event-communication. Corvus Design makes and offers marketing tools based on strategy plan that is developed based on task focused research and analysis. Using these tools their partners can reach their marketing goals the most efficiently possible. They build market leading brands in a system that ensures direct connection between the consumer and the clients and their products.

Dreamvision Media

Dreamvision company has been established for developing new, innovative solutions. An additional aim was to be a determinant participant of the communication style of the 21st century. Dreamvision tools mix the valuable properties of applied art solutions.

Promo Direct - Marketing & Market Research

Promo Direct as as a member of the Hungarian Direct Marketing Association offers a full range of services in the areas of direct marketing and market research: Database Marketing, Database Building, Database Management, Direct Mail, Telemarketing.

Braun & Partners - CSR

Leadership. Strategy. Communication. - As a strategic consultancy firm, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the focus of Braun & Partners' activities. Based on their experience in social, political, cultural and communication consulting, the company devises CSR strategy for companies and non-governmental organizations: CSR research, CSR thinking, strategy, reporting, benchmarking, CSR communication, implementation.

Pricomm Hungary - PR & Public Affairs

The Pricomm Hungary Ltd. is a consultancy working in strategic advising. Their clients understand that basic, direct liaisons in governmental relations can only bring results to a certain level in highly competitive business environments. Pricomm understands where, how, and on what levels we have to make impact on decision makers to bring fast and tangible results in clients' and their interest' representation. Their strength is information that comes from being well connected in all sectors, government and businesses. The international background and the wide pool of external consultants enable Pricomm to provide full service, but detail-oriented strategic advising.

Uniplan - Live Communication

Mission Statement: Companies create brands, they pursue market goals, communication goals and revenue goals. The agency's job is to develop incisive images, emotions and encounters that fit these goals, creating messages that are not forgotten. Depending on the task at hand, Uniplan can serve as strategic partner, creative thinker or pragmatic problem solver - or all of the above tuning in to your requirements and align our ideas with your brand, market and communication mix.

ACG.HEY Advertising Agency

Full service marketing communication activities. Strategic Planning: brand position, image building and planning, research (organizing and execution). Advertising: concept creation, planning and execution of creative materials, ATL and BTL service, direct marketing campaigns, guerilla marketing campaigns. Full service production, media booking, event organization, marketing communication consulting, development and launch of unique communicationi tools and methods, PR consulting.

Atlantic Star Advertising Agency

Above the line: television, radio, press, billboard, citylight, vehicle advertising. Below the line: POS, POP material, promotions, direct marketing, package developing and design, souvenirs, promotional gifts. Online: webdesign, online campaigns. Strategic planning, creative planning, graphics studio, production, media buying, research.

Grey Worldwide Hungary

Total communications company dedicated to creating and enhancing brand value for clients: Advertising, interactive, brand building and strategic planning, sales promotion, database marketing, market research, public relations, field marketing and joint promotions, POS marketing, event marketing, direct marketing and sponsorship

Leo Burnett Budapest Office

The company's services cover the entire process of advertising development and execution from strategic consultancy to high-end finished artwork and production. Within their mission to turn brand buyers into brand believers they enable clients to communicate within more complex communication strategies. The Agency blends the expertise on the local market as well as the international background and the heritage of their network.


Co-creativity: Never before have open thinking, open planning, open innovation been more important as a means of unleashing the potential markets and brands. DBB combines talent, expertise, imagination and information for generating ideas that tap into emerging market opportunities create powerful brand platforms design inspired brand experience.


Strategic consultancy: organisation and evaluation of different researches. Advertising: developing and producing local advertising campaigns. POS: creation and production of different POS material, displays, other in-store decorations. PR: developing and producing internal communication material (newsletters, internatl presentations). CRM: DM, on-line communication with the help of specialised companies. Media planning and buying. Events: Organising trade events, organizing consumer road shows. Promotion: on-trade promotions, classical off-trade promotions.

Republic of Art - Advertising & Branding

The Agency works on devising radically new strategies aimed at creating successful brands. Successful brands rely as much on strategic ideas as on innovation. Experts of both fields gain new knowledge and skills attending training courses continually: for advertising is the battle of fresh ideas. The strategic partnership with the worldwide Siegel&Gale brand management consultancy is the guarantee.


Classic advertising: TV, radio, print, outdoor, special/creative media. Action marketing: consumer and trade promotions, direkt marketing/CRM, PR, sponsorship, events. Graphic design: packaging design, corporate design. Interactive: website. Marketing consultancy: strategic planning, disruption, connections wheel.

VIZIN Marketing Communication Agency

Strategic planning and counselling: organization and evaluation of researches by NRC market research agency. Advertising: planning and producing all-inclusive advertising campaigns. PR: Planning and producing PR campaigns, organization and development of internal communication, creation of internal newsletter, magazine, organization of press conference, exhibition. POS: design and production of POS issues, displays, in-store design. Creation of advertising gifts. Promotion: organization of on-trade and off-trade promotions. Media: media planning and buying. Events: planning and organizing conference, trade event, road show, fashion-show. Photo: taking advertising, portrait and event photos.


Not a brand-development company, not a marketing agency, not a promotional firm, not a design studio… All together? Yes, that’s Tonic: unusal solutions brought by fizzy stature. As the assignor of Stram-Avant Budapest (SAB), Tonic has been providing complex, sales-pep solutions for more than 12 years.

Saatchi & Saatchi

Once an advertising agency, Saatchi & Saatchi today is an Ideas Company: providing a broad variety of market initiatives, because in many cases advertising alone cannot achieve clients' wider objectives. And while a big idea often originates with a TV commercial or a print campaign, it certainly doesn't have to. With the Ideas Company discipline, Saatchi & Saatchi can convey an idea through whatever combination of media is most appropriate, including non-traditional media. The Company has been in business in Hungary since 1990. Today it is a company of 70 personnel, with yearly billings of 5,3 Billion HUF

Greenlight Budapest Advertising Agency

Strategic planning, adworkshop, ATL & BTL communication, media, production, interactive, international coordination.

Gramy Advertising Agency

Advertising agency: research, creative, TV spot productions, radio spot productions, printing services, media buying. Event marketing: intelligent lighting, set design, choreography, music, sound, video projection, catering, interpreting, performers, artists, multicam recordings. Graphic design: design, editorial works, printing services. Recording studio: equipment, CD recording, music writing, commercials. Web design.

BBDO Budapest

"The work. The work. The work. Work is the only true measure of an advertising agency. If the work is not outstanding then nothing else matters."

Akció-Nxs Advertising Agency

The Akció-Nxs Advertising Agency –founded in 1989– is one of the largest Hungarian-owned advertising agencies in Hungary today.

Maxballoon - Balloons & Inflatables for Advertising

Custom made inflatables are a unique and memorable way for you to gain your customers' attention, promote your product and communicate with your customers. Products: Helium-filled Inflatables, Standard Inflatables, Product Shapes, Inflatable Games, Inflatable Tents, Sky Dancer, Twister / Maxum, Walking Inflatables, Holiday figures.

Neo Interactive Digital Advertising Agency

Neo Interactive is an online specialist for all fields of digital advertising: online mediabuying and planning, multimedia design, web developement, online branding, search engine marketing, mobile internet marketing, guerrilla and viral marketing.

7Field Advertising Agency

7Field is a media independent and creative driven advertising agency specializing in unusual communication solutions. While the Agency does traditional advertising such as print, outdoor, TV and radio; its speciality is delivering brand new media ideas that are usually more cost effective and more engaging to the customers. This includes ambient, online, media hack ideas and other custom developed solutions. 7Field also provides strategic marketing planning through its sister company Garrison Group and media and production services for a flat fee. 7Field is based in Hungary, but works internationally.