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Printing Houses

Király Nyomda - Full Service Printing

Photography: Ball-cyclorama, building interior, wedding, concert, model-fashion, party-mood, programme-event, sports, object-product, nature-landscape. Graphics design, image planning, printing preparation. Digital mounting, digital printing, poster printing. Offset printing: flyers, company printings, company maps, company cards, visit cards, stickers, vinyl labels, circulars. Bookbinding.

Ritter Printing Company

Ritter Printing Company offers printing services with Offset, Digital and Screen-printing technology for Hungarian enterprises and for abroad too. The printed materials can be sent by DHL, the company's package delivery partner to nearby countries. Popular printed products include: Business Cards, Flyers, Leaflets, Posters, Catalogs, Labels, Sticker, Letterheads, Enevelopes, Invitation Cards, Folders, Notepads, Fridge magnets, Mouse pads. The press house is located in Budapest.

Szitagrafix - Screen Printing

With more than ten years of experience, Szitagrafix possesses the ability to solve any problem related to screen printing and pad printing. Screen Printing or Silk screen printing on textiles, papers, plastics and metals. Transfer Printing: for printing on rough and difficult surfaces, such as mouse pads, T-shirts, etc. Pad printing is an excellent way to print on pens, cigarette lighters, key chains, toys.