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Building Materials & Supplies

Graboplast Floorcovering Manufacturers

The company is one of the biggest interior floorcovering products provider and seller located in Győr, Hungary in the vicinity of as many as three European capitals (Budapest, Vienna and Bratislava). Graboplast zRt is one of the leading manufacturers in the interior floor-decoration market producing flexible floors, wooden parquet, sport floorings, commercial vinyl floorings, transport floorings, wallcoverings.

Cairo Stone - Marble & Granite

As a Hungarian-Egyptian company Cairo Stone imports various kinds of stones directly from the best Egyptian quarries and other quarries in the Middle East to its Budapest warehouse, where it stores and sells these materials. Besides the kinds of stones to be found in the catalog the company imports all kinds of stones quarried in Egypt of Middle East quickly and with a competitive price.

Keramikum - Architectural Ceramics

Keramikum Kft. has been aiming at highlevel manufacturing of architectural decorative ceramics, restoration and reconstruction of building components since its foundation. The company preserves the features of the traditional manufacture, beside the application of the materials and technologies of the XXIst century. You or your interior architect partner can dream unique-formed and coloured ceramic coverings and individual interior architectural pieces to the facade of the buildings. Keramikum carries out these plans and forms with high expertise and appropriate professional reality.

Kovácsmester - Wrought Iron Products

The company primarily makes 100% handmade wroughtiron products using the tradicional technology without prefabricated components. Products: gates, fences, banisters, door and window-grates, iron furniture and decorations, candlesticks, fireplace tools, etc.

TOTAL Panel System

Sophisticated solutions for decorating surfaces in any outside or inside area. The panel system reproduces faithfully the colour and texture of stone, brick and slate. Product characteristics - Perfect: perfect visual appaerance, Convenient: no maintanance or cleaning needed, Solid: as stratified materials, Unaffected: low contraction and minimum expansion, Adaptable: easy to fix on any surface, Useful: easy and quick installation planning permission no required, Lightweight: weight between 5-6 kg/m2, Thin: average thickness of 1 cm, Multifunctional: used as cement shuttering, Protective: waterproof and insulting, Freestanding: structures no needed, Durable: not affected by the erosion of elements nor by ultraviolet rays.

UNIV Stairs

Chain type stairs, Spiral Staircase, Balcony and teracce banisters. The stairs and the railings are manufactured for inside and outside execution, in painted and stainless variation.

XL ALU Doors & Windows - Veszprém

XL Alu Nyílászárógyártó és Szerelőipari Kft (producer and assembler of doors and windows) was founded in 2000 in the town of Veszprém. The main activity is the production of custom-designed non-series doors and windows, curtain walls and entrance portals from aluminium and steel profile and the installation of these. Besides XL ALU assembles steel structures, first of all hall structures and also performs tinworks on buildings. The company works mainly for general contractors charged with the construction of public buildings, but also works with sub-contractors for the production of doors and windows.

Jüllich Glas Holding

Glass trading: float glasses, special glasses (increased heat protection, tempered, fire resistant, security glasses), coated glasses, laminated glasses, reflective glasses, wired glasses, u profile glasses, ornament glasses, acid treated glasses, spectrum glasses, glass bricks, coloured, silver mirrors, antique style mirrors. The company in the beginning of the 90's is one of the largest customer of the Hungarian glass producers ( Orosháza, Salgótarján), but this expanded with Italian, Spanish, Belgian, and oversears purchases. Insulated glasses production: enhanced heat insulating glasses: filled with argon and other gases, solar proof insulating glasses, security insulating glasses, sound proof insulating glasses, fire proof insulating glasses, decorative insulating glasses, combined insulated glasses. Glass processing: tempered and laminated glasses.

Kanizsa Üvegcentrum Glass Processing - Nagykanizsa

Products in interior design: interior glazing, furniture glass, walkable glass, glass walls, glass cases and glass shelves, glass furniture. In exterior design: outdoors glazing, heat insulated glass, photocell doors.

Szilánk Glass Company - Szeged

The SZILÁNK® Group was founded in 1989 as a continuation of an almost 100-year-old glass industrial family tradition. The field of our activities and our business divisions are organized around processing architectural glass and machinery production. Activities: Wholesale trade of architectural glass and glass industrial accessory materials, production and sales of insulating glasses with various functionalities, production and sales of cut-to-size glass products for the construction- and furniture industry, for household use and for small machinery, production and sales of machinery for insulating glass production, machines for construction glass cutting and processing, retail sales and services, on-spot glazing and related processing. The site is also available in Chinese, Russian, Romanian, Serbian languages.

Bluedecor Interior & Facade Profiles - Kecskemét

Products manufactured by the company include interior design elements and accessory elements, as well as facade decoration profiles and accessory elements and custom decorative elements designed by contractors. The site is also available in Croatian and Slovak languages.

Deco-Foam Embellishments - Debrecen

Besides DECO-FOAM polystyrene embellishments, the company displays in its shop the widest choice of exterior and interior gypseous and polystyrene decor battens, embellishments of other companies in the country. In the shop you can buy or order: MARBET, BOVELACCI, NMC, HOMESTAR, DECOSA, BLUE-DEKORATION, BOVIRA, ANRO, NYITRAY EC, BENSIKER decor battens and embellishments. The company also produces exterior and interior decor battens, consoles, broad-stones, columns, pipe shells, fillets, embellishments in wide choice of units and for individual order logos, superscriptions. DECO-FOAM embellishments can be bought at several points of the country thanks to the agents and resale network.

Lilakő Quarry - Gyöngyössolymos

The company sells directly from its quarry: rubble stone for rock gardens, retaining walls, garden fountains and decorative rocks, 2-6 cm (1-2.5 inches) thick hewn stone of various shapes for paving, wall-coverings. Available for purchase at the depot: thick paving and wall-covering stones of regular and irregular shapes for covering already finished paved surfaces.

INT-EXT DECOR Plaster mouldings - Pribeník

Plaster mouldings, fireplace mantels, rossettes, pillared heads and pillared stands, subsidiary elements, consoles, hidden lights, figured cornice mouldings and friezes, corner strips, gypsum plasterboard, wallpapers. The site is also available in Romanian and Slovak languages. The company is located in Slovakia.

Zalakerámia Ceramic Tiles - Zalaegerszeg

Zalakerámia ZRT’s aim is to keep its leading role achieved in the domestic market of ceramic tiles and enhance its reputation with competitive and good quality products in the export markets of the neighbouring countries. Product range includes wall tiles, floor tiles for bathroom, kitchen, living space, outdoor.

Czigler&Czigler Timber Production - Győrság

Czigler&Czigler Timber Production and Trading Kft. is one of the most significant producers of wainscot and strip floor in the region of Western-Hungary, operating in this form since 1998, and is in Hungarian ownership up to 100%. The parts of the establishment located on nearly 3900 m² area are the plant of 300 m² area and the 500 m² warehouse. Czigler&Czigler Timber Production Kft. imports over 10000 m³ sawn-fir per annum, with its production capacity being 450000 m² timber covering per year. Main profile is the production of fir wainscot and strip floor, but the company also produces fir plates, profile strips and door frieze plates. The company is involved in wholesale trading and retail trading alike, the selection of the offered products is enriched by the various environmentally friendly surface treatment materials, parquet, as well as bio-timber briquette, becoming ever more popular in Hungary

EuroNit - Decorative tiles

The tilework styles of marble painting, perla tiles or decorative tiles manufactured with American technology virtually come to life everywhere- from smaller rooms to giant entrance halls - thanks to their natural surfaces, their wide selection of designs and colours. These claddings can be simply and quickly mounted with traditional cold tilework techniques and they can be applied together with other tiling or wall cladding materials already available in Hungary. The site is also available in Russian language.

Karakter Bau Surface Treatments - Pécs

Karakter-Bau Építőipari és Kereskedelmi Kft. (Karakter-Bau Building Industry and Trading Ltd.) was formed as the company of private persons in 1991. At that time the main activity included the import, distribution in Hungary and application of Japanese-origin liquid wallpaper. In 1992 the company started to distribute TIKKURILA products at the domestic market – which had been the first to mix building industry paints. By further increasing the product choice, we are able to offer our partners an exceptionally large choice of products on the area of surface treatment: Paints for the building industry, household products, Japanese TUSIMA liquid wallpaper, Stucco: decoration elements imitating gypsum.

KM Par-ker Floor Covers

KM Par-Ker Ltd. was established in 1998 as a family business, focusing on „warm” floor covering projects. Products: Intarsia parquet, Laminated products, Bamboo parquet, Industrial parquet, Cork parquet, Swedish flooring, Engineered wood flooring, Lamella parquet, Traditional parquet, Decking, Linoleum, PVC, Carpet.

Szalafa - Door Manufacturer

The Company deals with the production of sophisticated doors for indoor application. The doors are prepared in size and form upon request, should it have one or two wings, straight or arched, sliding or articulated door. The rich choice of plywood and the opportunity of selecting the colour and the shade of the dye further increase the choice and improve better matching the environment. In order that the door can better fulfil its function, it is produced with rubber-profile insulation gasket. The doors are made with posts that can be mounted afterwards; thus, it can be protected from damages because they are only integrated in the last phase of the construction. The case structure is always made to the wall thickness in question and in the case of thick walls, it is also possible to request waffle design. Szalafa also assists with selecting hinges, handles in order to find the best harmony between them.

Naturtrend - Wood Carvings & Bamboo

Near 500 photos and many tricks and ideas in the topic of interior decoration. Products: molding, moulding, carving molding, carving moulding, crown molding, carving for cabinet maker, rattan otherwise tonett (thonett, tonet, thonet) material, mission trellis from wood, door decor, rattan material, matting, sliding door panel, material for door panel, door panel, wallboard. Natural way of the interior furnishing with sizal, brown tropical cane, bamboo cane in many forms: as bamboo bar, bamboo pillar, bamboo beaverboard, bamboo blinds and many other things made from bamboo. Not only for cabinet makers, interior designer, decorator, joiner, but with a little manual skill and little endurance you can also make many wonderful and useful things. Certainly professionals can use these product to make unique furniture and door panel for their customers.

N&L Technika - Shutter Automatics

The main profile of the company (located in Makó) consists of the manufacture of winding up systems (shutter automatics), as well as some accessories like belts and cords needed to blind motion etc. Main activities include: Manufacture of cold rolled profiles, metal consumption goods, plaiting (manufacture of ropes and cords), weaving of narrows belts (straps, bands), manufacture of winding up systems (shutter automatics).