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Mafilm - Hungarian Film Studios

Stages of MAFILM, being the biggest ones in Hungary, are located partly in Budapest, partly near to the town called Fót that lies 20 kms of the capital. The two places were created with the idea of completion the facilities of the central-located Budapest Studio with a location and stages having greater geographic and development possibilities. Being in daily touch with film producing, having experience in international filmmaking MAFILM offers a complete range of art services. Mafilm's Scenic Library with more than 10 000 books, archive materials, documentations and photo albums helps the designers' and other experts' work. The well-prepared Hungarian art director and designers are also pleased to work in your production. MAFILM's architects and construction people build them on the highest quality level. In the wardrobe you can find more than 10 000 different styles and periods, crowd and individual costumes. The dressmakers' workshop can produce the exact period and other costumes you need for your movie. The essential basic furniture and requisitions can be found in the property room. Set dressers hire or in the workshop they make themselves the missing set dressing and prop materials. MAFILM's pirotechnicians and armourers are at home in making all kinds of artificial fires, explosions, impacts and fireworks safely and securely.

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