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Business Associations

Association of Hungarian Investment Funds and Asset Management Companies

The aim of the website on the one hand, to introduce the Association of Hungarian Investment Funds and Asset Management Companies (BAMOSZ) as the organisation for the interest representation of the domestic fund and asset management profession, and on the other, to enable both professionals and investors to obtain data and other public information on domestic investment funds from one convenient source. The aim of the association - along promoting investment funds, undeniably the most popular and most advantageous pooled investment vehicle - is to help investors in an ever broadening world of supply in finding the investment tool that meets their requirements best by providing data and information. To do this, the website contains a daily upgraded database with data from all publicly offered investment funds, as well as prospectus, reports and other documents of these funds.

Hungarian Banking Association

The most important function of the Association is to represent its members' interests vis-a-vis third parties. The Association participates in the drafting and discussion of laws, statutes and projects that affect the banking sector directly or indirectly. The Association presents its opinions, developed on the basis of consensus, in Parliament, in various government forums and while the legislation is being drafted. It reviews monetary policy and regulatory proposals of the National Bank of Hungary and maintains a close cooperation with the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority. One of its important functions is to cooperate with other professional organisations, explaining to them the views of the Association on current economic, financial and other relevant issues. In certain specific functions, the Association plays a coordinating role in the implementation of bank modernisation projects. It promotes the establishment of institutions which improve the stability and efficiency of the banking system. It has thus had a role in the preparation of the deposit insurance and the credit guarantee institutions, the credit rating institution, the debtor registry and the Giro system.

Hungarian Franchise Association

The activities of the Hungarian Franchise Association have three major scopes. The first and the most important one is to provide the possibility of ethical franchising by influencing and controlling all regulations connected. The second one is to extend the knowledge related to ethical franchising thru regional conferences in cooperation with county chambers. Last but not least, the Association helps to find appropriate franchisors and franchisees each other, and in relation to this we do market organizing activities as well.

Hungarian Association for Innovation

The Hungarian Association for Innovation as a professional and employer's business federation focuses its activities on the economy stimulating role of innovation. The Association intends to promote the creation, spread, transfer, adoption and the practical utilization of intellectual products so that the performance and the income generating potential of the companies and the Hungarian economy should be increased, by making use of innovation the modernization and the development of economy as a result of it should be accelerated.

Joint Venture Association

Business Alliance of Foreign and Domestic Investors: The Joint Venture Association's objective is to collect the views and ideas of its membership on problems of business conduct, and to take care of their interest towards decision-making organizations and institutions. By pursuing this target, JVA contributes to the forming of an economic/social environment in order to enhance the European as well as international integration of the Hungarian economy, the further influx of foreign direct investment and the diffusion of favorable foreign experience in Hungary.

American - Hugarian Executive Circle

AHEC exists to foster closer business ties among Americans of Hungarian ethnicity, through programs to bring them into contact with each other, and with other Hungarians and business executives everywhere. AHEC seeks to mutually advance and strengthen American-Hungarian business relationships.

Association of Hungarian Inventors

The Hungarian inventors were awarded two hundred prizes in the last five years at international exhibitions. One of the most important missions of the Association is the commercialisation of inventions. The Association of Hungarian Inventors promotes the selling of Hungarian inventions abroad, and the import of foreign inventions and new products to Hungary.