2007. June • 24.

The most important function of the Association is to represent its members’ interests vis-a-vis third parties. The Association participates in the drafting and discussion of laws, statutes and projects that affect the banking sector directly or indirectly. The Association presents its opinions, developed on the basis of consensus, in Parliament, in various government forums and while the legislation is being drafted. It reviews monetary policy and regulatory proposals of the National Bank of Hungary and maintains a close cooperation with the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority. One of its important functions is to cooperate with other professional organisations, explaining to them the views of the Association on current economic, financial and other relevant issues. In certain specific functions, the Association plays a coordinating role in the implementation of bank modernisation projects. It promotes the establishment of institutions which improve the stability and efficiency of the banking system. It has thus had a role in the preparation of the deposit insurance and the credit guarantee institutions, the credit rating institution, the debtor registry and the Giro system.

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