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Health Care Industry

Sonarmed - Medison ultrasounds

The Sonarmed Trading and Healthcare Services Ltd. Co. was established on the 1st of May in 2004 paralell with the accession of Hungary to the European Community. The team - previously the medical branch of a multinational IT company – acted as a sole agent for the Austrian ultrasound producer Kretztechnik AG. between 1991-2002, then as the exclusive representative and service for the South-Korean Medison Ltd. Co. from 1995 onwards. Medison has acquired worldwide reputation thanks to its 3D/4D innovations in the early years of the 21st century. The constantly increasing installed base in Hungary - exceeding 200 units in the meanwhile - has made it necessary to continue in the form of a limited company. The european customer care without frontiers is granted by the founder of Sonarmed, the leading regional Medison distributor of Middle-East Europe.

National Institute for Strategic Health Research

As a methodological research institute it carries out activities in the fields of health informatics, health economics, health system sciences, technology assessment and support policy in connection with the sector's formulation of health policy strategy and decision preparation. Some of the institute's programmes: Establishment of an integrated data model for the health sector; Preparation of studies discussing the most important issues of health policy and incorporating international perspective and comparability; Determination of clinical practice guidelines for technology assessment, coordination of new and existing work of assessment; Providing information to players in the health care field.

Spiromed - Pharmaceutical Wholesale

SPIROMED is a pharmaceutical wholesale enterprise established in 1998. SPIROMED is one of the few firms that are specialised in sales of pharmaceuticals for specific allergy vaccination and tests for allergy diagnosis. The company's staff has already 15 years of experience and professional knowledge in this territory co-operating with the allergy, dermatology centres, hospitals and clinics for pneumonotherapy in Hungary.

Solvo Biotechnology

Solvo Biotechnology - "The Transporter Company" is a privately held biopharmaceutical company established in 1999 by a group of pre-eminent scientists working in the areas of ABC transporter proteins and multi-drug resistance at leading Hungarian universities. The company holds patents relating to drug targets and modulators, gene therapy applications and functional aspects of pharmacogenetics. In the past few years there has been an explosion in our understanding of the role Membrane Transporters play in the ADMETox profiles of drug candidates at various pharmacological barriers and Transporter induced drug- drug interactions. Solvo Biotechnology has been the pioneer and the leader in the commercialization of Membrane Transporter technologies, including therapeutics, diagnostics and drug discovery assays. The company offers drug discovery products and services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and consumer goods industries, relevant to many therapeutic areas and product categories. All major pharma and biotech companies use SOLVO's assays, either in-house, or as contracted research.

Experimetria - Biomedical Research & Manufacture

Corporation was established in 1982 to design and manufacture laboratory equipment basically for physiological and pharmacological research. Fields of interest include classical physiological recording (heart functions, blood-pressure -and -flow, respiration, temperature), isolated organ experiments (Langendorff- and Neely-heart, Magnus-preparation of intestines, vas deferens, kidney, etc.), biomechanical functions (striated and smooth muscle and vessel preparations), electrophysiological and other nervous recordings (EEG, evoked potentials, nerve conduction velocity, cell action potentials, myogram etc.). Experimetria products cover a wide range of devices, including amplifiers and couplers, transducers, organ baths and isolated organ chambers, perfusion systems, stimulators, ultra-thermostat, micromanipulators and holders, and software.

Bioextra - Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

BIOEXTRA Ltd provides customers with medicines, healing products and cosmetics suitable for protecting health and beauty.The range of products of Bioextra consists of pharmaceuticals, food supplements and medicinal plant based natural products such as teas, drops, tinctures and cremes. Most of these healing products are manufactured in the company's own plant in Hatvan.

PharmAgora Quality of Life Cluster

The most promising current running projects of the Cluster aim at such innovative areas as functional food products, nutritional supplements, drug combinations, corresponding instrument developments and clinical data management, biostatistics and comprehensive, rigorous quality assurance.