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Recruitment & Staffing

Aarenson Consulting - Recruitment

The Aarenson Consulting was established to assist in recruiting the suitable skilled workforce for the highly important participant of the economy. The professionals at Aarenson Consulting are specialized in such a way that the firm can concentrate on a small, but well defined industrial niche which strengthen the idea that "the time of polymaths is over" in human resources. Specialization: Highlighted industrial sectors: Manufacturing, Vehicle manufacturing, Vehicle part manufacturing and supply, Plastic industry, Electronical industry. Highlighted professions: Engineering, Planning, Quality management, Sales, Maintenance / repair, Buying / logistics.

D.H. International Recruitment - Kecskemét

Whether you are looking for staff or looking for job D.H. International Recruitment can provide you solutions. The company supplies permanent recruitment services and serve clients and candidates through an office which is located in Kecskemét, Hungary. Clients are offered confidentiality, simplicity, flexibility and professional standards in recruiting service.

Dr.Medi-Ator Healthcare Recruitment Agency

DR.MEDI-ATOR Healthcare recruitment agency is a Hungarian owned and operated business. The main objective of the Agency is to provide specialist recruitment services to all aspects of healthcare recruitment in both the public & private sectors. DR.MEDI-ATOR is licensed and registered as a recruitment agency in Hungary and complies fully with new EU legislation. Recruitment publicity campaign in Hungary, Slovakia and Romania specially targeted at individuals with good English skills and stable professional background. The Agency offers full service from the preselection through the hiring procedure, the paperworks, diplomas screening, visa processing, medical exams, certificates till the flight reservations, ticketing, etc.

EU-Jobs - Leasing & Mediating Human Resources

The EU Labour Leasing and Recruiting Group was created to aid its costumers (through renting and mediating human resources) in creating more economic, efficient and flexible headcount-, human resources management and human engineering practices, furthermore in finding the adequate workforce they seek. Services:Leasing human resources, Recruting and mediating human resources, Outsourcing, Labour audit, labour consulting services, Try and Hire.

EVJ Personnel Recruitment

The company is specialised on the provision of complex human resourcing for temporary employment, courier, hostess and cleaning services. EVJ offers solutions for those tasks, which cannot be solved by employing students for some reasons (e.g. for long term activity, or if special skills are required).

Human Centrum - Recruitment & Placement

The main scope of Human Centrum Ltd is recruitment and placement, which is provided in the whole territory of the country and also in South-Slovakia. The aim of the Company is to increase, develop and save human resource efficiency, which are very important from the point of companies’ success. The HR area needs to know two basic capabilities to accomplish this mission: competitive approach and the capability of renewal.

Human Rent - Labour Lease

Human Rent Hungary Ltd is one of the leading labour lease companies in Hungary. The company has a service of national offices and a wide range of experts. The offices in Budapest are open for Partners and Employees 7 days a week, also in person. To fulfil the demands of Partners, since 2005 Human Rent has had offices in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Romania as well. Services: Labour lease, Labour recruitment, HR outsourcing, Labour safety counselling, Medical service, International recruitment, Adult education. The site is also available in Czech, Slovak and Romanian languages.

Pákai & Partner HR Consulting - Győr

The predecessor in title of Human Resources Consulting was founded by László Pákai in 1994 as a private enterprise. In the beginning the consulting was effective in seeking of highly qualified, foreign language speaker officials and experts in the area of special executive and sales management. Thanks to the success in the first years the company enlarged its manpower seeking to recruit higher officials and senior operative management.

IT Jobs - Recruitment of IT Professionals

ITJobs is a full service search and selection company with offices in Budapest, Belgrade, Munich, Kiev and Vienna. The company was founded in 2001 with the aim of recruiting for the IT and telecommunication sectors. Since then the company has built a reputation by recruiting IT professionals across all skill levels, from entry to top-level positions.

Job International Personnel Consulting - Esztergom

Job International Személyzeti Tanácsadó és Szolgáltató Kft. (Job International Personnel Consulting and Services Ltd.) searches and places professionals and specializes primarily in the area of production and functions such as engineering, purchasing, production management, logistics, human resources, finance and management.

KMC Solution - Recruitment

Employment brokerage services for clients who are wishing to replace an employee or seek the suitable candidate for a new position; seeking a future colleague with the help of experienced professionals; wishing to reduce the time spent with recruitment and selection tasks. Employee leasing for clients who are seeking an employee for a specific, temporary period; for whom increasing the number of workforce is not an option; attaching importance to the fluctuation ratio andcost effectiveness. HR outsourcing/advising for clients who have an established HR department but lack the necessary volume of resource, and wish to manage some areas of HR but assign an external group of HR professionals with experience in company HR with the operational activities; whose total headcount is so large as to make HR tasks difficult to cope with.

Manpower Hungary - Emloyment Services

Manpower Inc. is a world leader in the employment services industry; creating and delivering services that enable its clients to win in the changing world of work. It has operations in 78 countries, and has been serving its partners in Hungary since 1990, by providing the following services: Recruitment, Outsourcing, Temporary placement, Try and hire!

Pannon Work HR Network

Pannon-Work was founded in 1st May 2000 by Hungarian owners. Services: workforce-leasing, recruitment and selection, headhunting, organization- development counseling, qualifications, training- programs, data processing and organized student work; payroll-calculation, fire- and work protection consultation, tax-guidance, accounting and audit. Cooperating with Pannon-Work Slovakia the Company can offer Slovak workforce in its service package. The services are often complex: the best solution for customers are in many cases workforce-leasing for recruitment and selection („try & hire”) or practicing headhunting parallel with organization - development.

Pécsi Invest Workforce Agency

Pécsi-Invest is the most significant workforce agency in the county of Komárom-Esztergom and in the neighbour counties, as well. The company offers jobs in different companies and areas in the area of Budapest, Esztergom, Komárom, Tatabánya, Győr, Székesfehérvár for Hungarians and for people from the European Union. Services for employers include Temporary placement, Empoyee Recruitment, Employee outsourcing, Safeguarding, Labour transporting, Cleaning, Lease work.

SG-Aquila Consulting & Employment Agency

Sg-Aquila is a management consulting and employment agency that started business in 2001 to help its partners to indentify and eliminate their functional problems in the fields training, organizing workload, and choosing the right colleagues. Main fields of activity: Selecting the management, Lease of employees (obtaining jobs), Lending of employees (on demand), Recruitment, Consultation on organizational development, Outplacement, Outsourcing, Subcontracts, Education, training, courses, Trading of real estates.

Staff-To-Go Secretary and Office Services

The Staff-To-Go Secretary and Office Services Ltd. Co. is a recognized secretary-lending and office service providing firm in Hungary. Since the foundation, the company has become one of the leading staff-lending and recruiting firm on the Hungarian market. In the service sector, it was one of the first agencies offering high-level manpower leasing and other HR services specialized in office and administrative jobs. The Company undertakes recruitment, lending or outsourcing of administrative staff in the following jobs: Secretary, top manager assistant, Office manager, Call center staff, Credit manager, Receptionist, Area manager, Assistants in the areas of IT, finance, HR marketing, production and logistics, Other auxiliary staff for office jobs. Let us do the hard work for you and share the success!

TESK - HR Consulting

TESK Consulting Ltd. specializes on the search and selection of specialists, in the business fields of technology, sales, supply and administration.

T.T.I. Hungary Labour Exchange

T.T.I. Hungary Labour Exchange Ltd was established in Hungary by T.T.I. Personaldienstleistung GmbH , one of the Austrian leader consulting company. T.T.I. Personaldienstleistung GmbH which has 10 offices and more than 90 internal employees in Austria would like to naturalize a specific form of human resource services in the Hungarian labour market - the temporary placement as they have done it in Austria. Attentive to Hungarian market demands the Company performs the following services: Labour exchange, Labour lending, Labour placement, Try and Hire, Outsourcing, Trainings.

Workplus Management Consulting & Employment

The Workplus Management Consulting and Employment Agency Ltd. was founded in 1989 to help its partners explore and solve their problems, improve the organization of their work, promote their training efforts and select suitable staff members for them. In the recruitment of executives and employees and in the implementation of the various efficiency-improving recommendations, the company’s principal priority is to promote our partners’ business interests. Partners include small, medium and large, multinational firms, located in Hungary, countries of the European Union and outside Europe. Since early 2006, the Workplus Management Consulting and Employment Agency Ltd. has been a member of the Staff Service Holding.

Mimox - IT Recruitment Company

The company was established in 1999. Mimox specializes mainly in the search and selection of professionals in the field of information technology, altough we undertake recruitment services within logistics, finance, accounting, hr and marketing, too. The database of Mimox includes: software developers, system administrators and engineers, project managers, consultants, network specialists, other IT specialists, IT managers.

Majer & Field Consulting - HR consulting & Body-leasing

Majer & Field Consulting has been present on the Hungarian market since 2000. Among the clients there are Hungarian and international companies as well from various business sector. Main fields of activity: recruitment and bodyleasing — The company takes on the recruitment of executives and professionals with advertising, database-search, networking and headhunting. Body-leasing is a proper solution to increase the efficency and flexibility of human resource, to avoid temporary vacancies, breakdowns and surfeit. Through body-leasing you can solve workforce problems in case of project or campaign work and restriction of headcount and payroll.

Kelly Services Hungary

Kelly Services provides staffing solutions to businesses around the globe including 95% of Fortune 500 companies. Services include: Onsite Staffing, Outsourcing, Staff Leasing, Workforce Procurement.

OpportunITy Recruitment

In the past few years, Opportunity has become one of the leading recruiting participants of the Hungarian technologic and financial market. The goal of the staff - on the technologic and financial areas - is to give effective assistance to each the place-hunting and the HR side. company undertakes mediation for local and foreign projects, for permanent and projectworks also. The partners are mainly Hungarian and German computer engineering companies. The average lenght of the projects are 4-12 months. The most of the jobs are located in Hungary, but OpportunITy also transfers some technologic specialists to foreignland.

PBS International - Recruitment

PBS is helping its clients in IT and telecom industry to find reliable colleagues in the long run and helps jobseekers to find long term positions where they can evolve their skills and talent to everybody's satisfaction. Since the very beginning PBS has been concentrating on the IT and telecom market not only searching the human resources of this segment but also knows this branch both at home and abroad.

Personal Select - Managment Consulting & Recruitment

Personal Select Management Consulting Company specializes in the field of recruitment for Information Technology, Telecommunications and Internet. The company's Business Partners are the biggest multinational and prestigious Hungarian companies. Personal Select also provides career counselling, seminars and training within colleges and universities along with attending student conferences. In this manner, it is possible to attract new potential candidates before they have entered the job force.

ProfiPower - Recruitment

PROFIPOWER is a specialized recruitment company, dedicated to placing professionals with university or advanced degree in the following fields: finance, IT, human resources, sales and marketing, healthcare, legal, and engineering. Services include both permanent and temporary recruitment, as well as tailor-made human resources in- and outsourcing solutions for the specific needs of clients. ProfiPower uses several search methods to find the right professional: the Company's own website is specifically geared to build up and keep current an interactive database of qualified professionals with university and advanced degrees. ProfiPower uses state of the art technology and e-forms, allowing candidates to register on-line, also using the media and cooperating with other on-line job boards in order to find the right candidate.

Recruitment International

Recruitment International was established in the UK in 1981 and is a leading international provider of recruitment solutions to some of the world's largest corporations. Through its operations in the UK, Czech Republic, Hungary, the Slovak Republic and Poland the company meets the specialist recruitment needs of local, multinational and regional organisations.

Select Appointments Hungary - Personnel Management

The first Select Appointments Personnel Management Consultancy office was founded in 1980 in London with the aim of providing first class and tailor made labour servives for partners, ordering companies and employees. Since 1990 Select Appointments Hungary Ltd. became a significant employee hiring company as part of Vedior, it is one of the most well known professional group of companies.

Ventiv Health - Recruitment

Recruitment — Ventiv Health Magyarország Kft. has been dealing with recruitment in the area of the pharmaceutical industry and health care since 1995. Outsourcing — The core activity of Ventiv Health Magyarország Kft. has been a special service not provided in this form in Hungary before: the establishment and continuous operation of a network of medical sales representatives of any number. Management of advertisements — Ventiv undertakes the tasks connected to the publication of job advertisements.

Your Profile - Recruitment & Selection

The company primarily carries out searches for well-trained, educated experts and managers with professional degrees, college or university diploma(s) and good foreign language skills. In recent years, the company has achieved particular specialisation in certain fields, such as production, call centers and shared service centers, and information technology, since many partners in these areas are constantly seeking these services.

Adecco Hungary - Permanent & Temprorary Placement

ADECCO has branches in all regions of the country in order to get a full geographical coverage. The headquarters, a recruitment office for permanent placement, two recruitment offices for temporary placement, one specified recruitment office and the financial office are located in Budapest, and there are further local branches in Debrecen, Kecskemét, Szombathely, Gyõr, Gyöngyös, Miskolc and on-site offices in Gödöllõ, Nagykanizsa and Ózd. Adecco has more than 70 permanent employees providing high level services for clients and temporary associates, recruiting more than 300 people a year for permanent positions and hiring 2500-2800 temporary associates every day. The company has also extended the range of services providing a wide selection of human services from executive search, permanent and temporary placement to outplacement.

Aim To Please - Staff Counselling

The company works in the following fields: Recruitment and selection — for international and Hungarian companies, service providers, manufacturers, FMCG companies and non-profit organisations mostly in Budapest and its surrounding areas but in other parts of the country as well. Lending labour — Useful service when your colleague goes on holiday; your colleague is sick; your colleague leaves the company unexpectedly; the quantity of seasonal work increases temporarily; there is a limit on number of employees. Recruitment and selection for Field Force — recruiting and selecting larger headcount teams for sales/commercial/customer service on national level primarily for FMCG companies.

Authentic Consulting - Specialists Selection - Székesfehérvár

Authentic Consulting Ltd. has been taking part in the HR activity of the companies in the central Transdanubian region since 1996. The company's partners are mainly multinational, medium or large scale companies in the field of production, commerce or service; important representatives of the region's electrical, car and plastic industry. The main field of activity is finding and selecting professionals. Authentic Consulting mainly takes active part in the job search of highly qualified experts and professionals of middle and upper management. In case of special requirements the company takes advantage of its relationships and resort to direct search (head-hunting). Organising and conducting courses to develop skills and abilities is a further area of activity, as well as organising vocational courses to support the higher standard of production.

CVO Group - International Recruitment

CVO Group is an international recruitment company operating in following countries: Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, United Kingdom, Romania, Russia, Slovakia. Members of the group are: CVO Technolgy Recruitment — a key provider of talented technology staff across Central and Eastern Europe, CVO Sales and Marketing Recruitment — specialized in sourcing talented sales professionals and marketeers in these rapidly changing and highly demanding professional fields, CVO Finance Recruitment — a specialised financial recruitment consultancy providing access to high caliber accountants and financial services staff, CV-Online — offers online recruitment solutions, PreSelectorEurope — provides professional preselection through one provider covering up to 40 markets across Europe, Middle East and Africa, — resource team will source, negotiate and purchase the most suitable media for your particular hiring needs throughout EMEA, — provides outsourced Human Resource Management solutions in the fields of recruitment, personnel leasing, personnel lease-back, operational outsourcing, master vendor services.

Grafton Recruitment

Jobs and vacancies for everybody: Grafton Recruitment was established in 1982 in Ireland. Today the company is present in 19 countries with 76 offices providing recruitment services. The Hungarian operation started in early 1996 and soon after Grafton Hungary has become market leader in 1998 based on the number of permanent placement continuously holding the number one position ever since. In 2000 Grafton Technologies and in 2007 the Debrecen Office expanded the scope of services.

Hays - Specialist Recruitment

Hays Hungary has been established to provide recruitment and executive search services to commerce and industry recruiting for permanent and temporary staff, including: Accountancy, Banking, Construction/Surveying, Engineering, Executive, HR, Information Technology, Logistics & Operations, Office Support, Pharmaceuticals, Sales & Marketing.

HILL International - Personnel Search & Selection

HILL International was founded in 1975 by Dr. Othmar Hill, a well-known Business Psychologist in Vienna. The main service offered by HILL International is personnel search and selection. The HILL network opened its tenth office in Budapest (Hungary) in 1989. This office was the first in Central and Eastern Europe. The main activity is to find the appropriate candidates for clients. HILL was very successful in Hungary with regards to recruitment and executive search. It also initiated Human Resource and Management consultancy. HILL Hungary has branch offices in Pécs, Szombathely and Debrecen.

Horváth Recruitment

Horváth Recruitment Ltd. qualifies itself as one of these emerging small organizations striving to build clientele under the assurance of professional, client-focused and dependable operation. The broad service portfolio accommodates the entire spectrum of the clientele with such solutions rendered as comprehensive direct search, database mining, occasional HR-related consulting as they pertain to the entire range of positions and geographical regions of the country. Services: Direct search, Advertised search, Database search, Management audit, Assessment center, Complex psychological testing.

TalentSelection - Recruitment

TalentSelection is the middle-level positions recruiting division of PerforMAN Executive Search. This division has been established to find talented specialists who would serve as reserve-executives in the future, for their already found executives. TalentSelection offers the following services: Search and Selection Services — Modular selection, Recruitment Assistant Service, Complex Search and Selection service. Outsources counselling — Realization of individual requests within the areas of HR. Outplacement — assistance to both organisations and their employees in the process of regardful dismissal.