Vibromat Electric Cutting Scissors

2007. October • 18.

Electric cutting scissors – production and trading. Electric cutting scissors type S 54 are suitable for cutting stacks of several layers (of textiles, synthetic fabrics, fabrics of curtains) as well as for cutting of artifical leather and knitwears in 3-4 layers. Electric cutting scissors type S 56 are suitable cutting of textiles, leather, synthetic leather and knitwears put in some layers on each other. It is quite new, that the scissors are suitable for cutting of floor-carpets, as well. Electric cutting scissors type S 58 is the member of vibromat family of the biggest output. The machine with the motor together is placed in aplastic body of nice shape, which is heat-resistant and proof against physical impact, which with help of clutch, made also from plastic provides a double insulation. As the scissors is equipped with a 3-speed motor, besides textile, leather, synthetic leather is suitable for cutting of silk materials as well.

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