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Cimbalom World Association

The Cimbalom World Association (CWA) aims to bring together artists who play cimbalom and similar instruments like yangqin, santur, hackbrett, hammered dulcimer, tympanon, qanun, kantele, etc. as well as interested organisations and individuals. The CWA exists to support and promote cimbalom music in the world and to develop and increase the popularity of this whole family of instruments. It helps members to obtain scores, parts, records and other musical material. It also supports young and beginner cimbalom artists, including concert promotion, international exchange visits, and many other activities. Founded in Hungary on Nov. 3rd, 1991, the CWA now has members from 30 countries of Europe, the Middle East, Asia, America and Australia. There are professional artists, amateur players, instrument manufacturers, music publishers, scientists of music and many more.

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