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Felix G. Game - Austro-Hungarian Genealogy

Felix G. Game is a retired professional genealogist and translator who had specialised mostly in Hungarian research but also handled Austrian research in the context of the Austro-Hungarian (Habsburg) Monarchy. His site provides informative genealogy related articles of interest to researchers tracing their roots in Austria or Hungary. On this site you will find useful information about Austrian and Hungarian historical and sociological details that will help you make your family history more meaningful and interesting.

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Emo's reluctance to have children during war

door Anonieme gebruiker op 21-03-2009 18:57

Felix seemed reluctant to believe that Emo was reluctant to have more children during the war years when he'd be moving around. I joined the U.S. Army at age 18, was commissioned a second lieutenant at age 19 and promoted to Captain while commanding 400 men at the age of 21, during the Vietnam war. I remained in the Army for eight years. I, too, was unwilling to get seriously involved with a woman let alone have a child, during those military years. I was being moved around every nine to twelve months. I never felt I was able to settle down. Also, I never knew when I might find myself back in combat and die, leaving behind a wife and child. Emo had led troops in combat. One develops a sense of responsibility toward other humans when in such a leadership situation. By the way, I'm of Slovenian heritage. I had a great, great uncle who was a corporal in the Austro-Hungarian cavalry.

You've written one of the most remarkable family histories I've ever read. Thank you.

Contacting Felix Game?

door Anonieme gebruiker op 15-12-2009 17:54

This is a long shot, but my Grandfather is one of the men Mr. Game writes about in his book "The Game Ancestry" and I am trying to find a way to contact him...does anyone know of any way to reach him?