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Gay Hussar Restaurant - London

The Gay Hussar has served national specialities and the finest Hungarian wines for over 50 years. Located in London's 'Theatreland' in Soho, the unique décor and intimate environment have drawn the UK's leading political figures, journalists, and artists alike

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Café Miró Grande

Inviato da Utente anonimo il 03/09/2009 07:38


I live in Hungary, next to Budapest. I often go to my favourite restaurant which located in the heart of Budapest. I think Café Miró Grande is a very famous restaurant here because hosts are friendly and main dishes are fantastic! I always eat Buttery veal roast or Paprika chicken with egg-dumpling souffle. And prices are ordinary, not expensive. Wine selection is mostly Hungarian Wines. My favourite wine is Tokaji in this restaurant. I suggest all people who travel to Budapest! Best Regards,