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Otto’s Import Store & Deli - California

Otto's features fine deli foods and products of Hungary and Europe. Wide selection of European and Hungarian foods and products. Assorted European chocolates, marzipans, souvenirs and gifts. Large collection of Hungarian paprika, sausages, salamis, and deli items. Complete worldwide beer and wine department. Order fine Hungarian wines, Magyar paprika, Hungarian gifts, Pick salamis, sausages, delicious Hungarian recipes, famous cookbooks and much more: Ham, Goose Liver, Bacon, Ribs, Karaj, Headcheese, Cheese, Liver, Blood and Fresh Sausage, Hurka, Disznotoros, Frankfurters, Bologna, Liverwurst, Smoked Salmon, Peppers, Pickles, Salads, Sauerkraut, Ajvar, Noodles, Soups, Paprika, Spices, Beres Csep Hungarian Vitamins, Vegeta, Mustard, Jams, Preserves, Lekvar, Honey, Dessert, Beigli, Syrups, Mineral Water, Teas, Hungarian Breads, Hungarian/European Candies, Chocolates, Christmas Candies and even Szaloncukor. Mail orders welcomed worldwide. Retail and mail order address: Burbank, California. Discover Hungary through Otto's large selection of Hungarian music, books, embroidery, videos of Hungary or Budapest.

The link address is:

Small order is not an order

Posted by Anonymous User at 2008-09-10 12:00

Granted that Otto has lots of products, but they got so over their heads that now they don't even want to talk to you if you want to order under $50 and even then, you can wait until they fulfill their important orders over $500 first. I submitted my recent order through Bende (after the Otto person hang up on me), of which company actually has a nice and organized website, where you can place your order, and I hope it will work out, since I'm just simply a small fish for Otto.


Posted by Anonymous User at 2009-05-27 18:39

We went to Otto's, because then they had the Hungarian Paprikas salami from Pick. We spent almost $500, no price shows on anything (I think he cheated about $200). At home we checked what we brought, and 80% of the items are expired by years. The Trappista cheese 3 years old, the Nivea lotion !!! 10 !!! years old (NO kidding). The shelf’s full of dust. We never went back again and I never will.

Failed attempt to buy groceries from the store

Posted by Anonymous User at 2010-12-09 15:40

My husband - who spends couple of days every month in Pasadena on business - traveled to the Otto's "store" with the plan of buying quite a bit of Hungarian products for the holidays. He arrived at 10:25 and waited until almost 11. He called the phone number - nobody answered -, he knocked on the door, tried to get in without any success. Unfortunately, they just lost one potential customer because he is never going to go back again when he is in Pasadena.

Only poor people ask about the price.....?

Posted by Anonymous User at 2011-04-30 21:21

I had the same experience with Otto as the writer of the "Small order". My friend got me an $80.00 gift certificate at Otto's store. I called to ask about what I can get for the money because their catalog preices were not correct. He was very rude to me, told me, only poor people ask about prices....? I asked him how else am I able to decide what to get if I don't what things cost. He got so angry at me that he hanged up the phone on me! When I called back and talked to his daughter, she did the same thing. Unbelievable. Of course I am not going back ever.