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World Federation of Hungarian Veterans

The World Federation of Hungarian Veterans is a worldwide charitable organization with chapters in Europe, North and South America and Australia. It was founded in 1947 by Hungarian veterans of the Second World War. The original aim of the organization was to promote patriotism, the establishment of a Christian Hungarian government; to struggle against the evils of communism, and to commemorate and keep alive the sacrifices of those who suffered and died in the fight for liberty and democratic ideals. Continuing these goals, and providing aid to those of its members who require moral and financial support, the Organization seeks to preserve and propagate Hungarian culture and heritage by its broad support of other Hungarian organization, youth groups, Hungarian cultural events and churches.

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Posted by Anonymous User at 2011-03-12 15:37

Dear members of this site, I am a British Veteran now living in Hungary with my Hungarian Girlfriend/wife to be.Being a veteran from an another country I found it very difficult to medication and treatment in for a condition I received due to my military service,this encourage my girlfriend to create a website telling my story and now my mission. It would be a pleasure if I could be associated with your site and veterans.My site if you are interested is I really hope we can exchange stories ect.

King Regards

Jim Black