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Béres Drops

Market leader healthcare supplement in Hungary. Many years of experience have shown that Béres Drops Plus helps maintain or - if needed - regain your health all over the year. The company that gives these products their name, Béres Gyógyszergyár (Béres Pharmaceutical Factory), is no ordinary company. Founded upon the invention of a charismatic scientist, it started out as a Hungarian family business and has managed to maintain its independence, popularity and people-centred approach, even during more than ten years of free-market competition. The invention around which a company group and dozens of other products have formed is known as Béres Drops Plus, which was created by Dr. József Béres in 1972. Béres Drops Plus is a trace elements supplement, which helps the human body to maintain its resistance to disease, and can also be used as a complementary treatment to improve the general condition of tumour patients. The site is also available in Romanian language.

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